Friday, July 1, 2005

Naughty and Nice

as you guys know I started "Naughty and Nice" a few weeks ago but i didnt want to make them so far ahead of time in fear somthing might happen to them. But I started Naughty the other day and finished it no more than 5 min ago. So now I'm taking a break to blog a bit before I start "Nice".

I just got done watching "The Art of knitting" and it wasnt taht bad actaully. there was alot of cool infomations and stuff about spinning and things like that.

I wish i had people that I could meet up with and just set around and knit with. After awhile knitting alone gets kinda boring...

But I have my black with red pull "Naughty" bag done, jsut needs to be filled with some fun stuff! I called the brides mother to see what she tought of it and she thought it was GREAT...

Speaking of she also found out that when we get to Vegas in Aug that the hotel that she is staying at * Excalibur* has "The Thunder From Down Under" performing...Yea she already bought herself and I tickets to go see them LOL

And who says I don't get along with mothers!

incase you don't know who they are...lookie


Inertia said...

Me too! I've just rediscovered knitting after a break of 20 years and there are no knitting groups, no knitting friends and I just want to show people what I'm doing! Maddening.

Diana said...

Oh baby.... I just might have to go to Vegas for some Thunder!

Jon said...

Excalibur's actually not a bad little hotel. And there's a Krispy Kreme on the concourse level.

You can pop over to the M&M World across the street and send me some Ethel M's Raspberry cremes, please. LOL

I used to live in Vegas. Oy, what a shit hole.

Oh, there's a LYS east of your hotel on Trop. I forget how far east but I can look it up, if you would like.

Suzanne said...

Knitting alone sucks. I don't have any friends who knit...yet lots of friends who happily take my hand-knit gifts. Go figure - those greedy bitches! You'd figure with technology we could get some kind of vitual SnB going. Too bad typing and knitting don't work well together.

BTW - I have to scold you. You tell me you have a cute drop stitch scarf and yet I dug around and couldn't find the pic. Tease!!!

Jenny Macc said...

First of all I would like to say your blog is "hot". Your Mother is awsome! Knit on!

I have been knitting for 15 years and I just recently hooked up with a group on the internet. is a good place to start. I have really enjoyed it and even though we not at all alike, we connect on the knitting level and that seems to be all that is necessary. I am a pretty talented knitter and I still learn new things every time with this group! Also, it is great to talk with folks who understand your passion and are great support for your frustrations. Good luck! jenny macc

CynCyn said...

I agree...I enjoy knitting so much more when I'm with friends (who also happen to knit). Have you checked or yahoo groups for local knitting groups? or ask Jon how he set up his men's knitting group here in Denver!