Monday, July 31, 2006

All Finished...My First Pair of Socks

So I just finished my second sock EVER...

I think the pair look rather nice. And I SOO lucked out the balls both stripped in the same place so that was enough to make me happy in itself *tho non matchign socks would have been cute too...*

Now you must pardon me so I can go brag over on the knitXcore blog about how my stripes match

Well I'm off to break out my Opal...

plus I got 3 balls from my Sp I only used 2...and good one skein projects I can make with it that you know of?

Later lovies!

Friday, July 28, 2006

one to go!

So Im an offical Sock Knitter!

Need proof?

Fist looking at the yarn that my SP sent me I I didnt care for the colors that much, but after knitting it up and seeing where they all fell I LOVE THEM!

I tweeked the pattern a little I shortened the calf...I'm more of a ankle sock guy really...

But I think it looks pretty nice for my first pair dont you?

DH tried to steal this sock actaully he tried it on and was like...this is nice...put is Birkenstock back on and tried to walk out..

I damn near had to tackle him to get it back!

I'll be starting the second one today...I think im going to get a new pair of needles I have a 5 set of number 1 babmboo and 'm scared that I'm going to snap them...they are already warping so if anyone have a pair of number 1's that they dont need you are more than welcome to send them my way!

In other news, I checked my mail yeterday and I and I found a LOVELY skein of Opal Sock yarn...

Isnt that sexy!

Then today I found these tucked away in the far corner of my mailbox...

I wonder what I'm going to find tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the aftermath

So i got a email from Cathi (the LYS owner)...

Dear Krystofer,

I am so thankful you took the time to send me your thoughts. I can not begin to tell you how badly i feel about yesterday. I am sorry, and truthfully just sick about what happened. I left here feeling really bad, and very sad. As i told my family last night, that is the thing that the robber took from

I am sure you were embarrassed, as was i. No, i don't see color of skin....and yes, you are right we did carry on a conversation about knitting....and i sensed that you were here with purpose. Then as i said, you seemed to be watching me more that looking at product and frankly that made me more that nervous. You see the guy who robbed the shop 18 months ago also had a lengthy conversation with me, i had seen him in the store before. So there you go.

I do apologize to you. I would like to get to know you better and help you make socks. Really i would. As a matter of fact i would like to offer you a Tuesday night knitting class on me. I thought about that last night and didn't even have your name or a way to contact you. So i thank you for giving me the opportunity to apologize and make you this offer. Perhaps when i get to know you better i will explain to you better about my former experience and maybe you will forgive my actions.
Please give me a call or drop in so that we can begin afresh.
Regards, Cathi

So I think I'm going to take her up on this offer. It wont be tomorrow or anything I work nights at Starbucks so knit night activities are kinda hard sometimes and I'm still working over the embarresment that the situation caused but hopefully we can meet up soon. Even if its just for a cup of coffee somewhere so we can just talk *and knit of course*...I might be able to do that sooner than go to her shop. I don't want to be around a large group of people if they are the same people that were in her shop yesterday I don't think I can handle the staring.

But I got a email starting her feels and saying she was sorry and that's all I really wanted out of all this.

Monday, July 24, 2006

LYS + sock patterns= public embarrassment

So I got a package frommy SP today full of sock making goodies, and after searching the net for a pattern I came up void. So I decide to drive to a LYS * which is 35 min away mind you* to see if they had any good patterns. So I got dressed. I'm looking cute I might say...Tight button shirt and pants and pants from H&M and my shoes were kicking...And I was rocking out my new scarlet hair *this is important for later...*

So I get there and notice its filled with knitters, and the owner was behind the counter and greeted me. We started having a conversation about the reason I was there...


Her: What brings you in today?

Me: Well a friend of mine just sent me a box full of goodies to make socks and I was wanting to look around at your sock area..

Her: GREAT! All that stuff is in this corner. What all did she send you?

Me: I have new needles and yarn...They yarn she gave me is super cute, but not really my style so I was going to learn on that and see if I can find some other colorways that I might like to knit with.

Her: Where did you learn to knit?

Me: I taught myself one night out of boredom and its kinda become more than a hobby. LOL

Her: What all have you made?

Me: A few hats, purses, a sweater or two...

Her: That's good. What kind of needles did you get?

Me: size 1, bamboo...I'm scared I might snap them when I'm knitting LOL

Her: LOL yea that does suck. Well, then I sell more needles so its ok...

*we laugh*

* I start looking thru the yarn till I have a question and turn to ask her about patterns at which point a family walked in and she started talking to them. So I quietly waited till she was done talking to them. Then after they were done she got a phone call so I waited till she was done on the phone...Looking over my shoulder to see if she was done now and again. Finally 4 cops showed up and started talking to her. Again I wait till she is done so I can ask her about sock patterns. I hear a few words of their conversation..."Red hair" and "Him over there" were the ones that got my attention.*

Cop: Will you step outside for me...

Me: Umm ok...

Cop: What brings you here today?

Me: I was hoping to find a sock pattern.

Cop: Do you have any weapons or drugs on you?

Me: *taken back* Ummm... I have a cell phone...

Cop: the reason we walked you out of here is because the woman inside said that she felt threatened with you in her store. She was robbed a bit ago and you being here made her feel uncomfortable.

Me: WHAT? I was looking thru sock yarn...Can I talk to her?

Cop: Sure we will see is she wants to talk to you

*a second cop goes in and starts talking to her*

Cop 2: She will be right out...

Cop 1: Do you have any id on you?

*hands him my D.L*

* Shop owner comes out*

Owner: the reason I did this was because I didn't feel comfortable with you in my store, I was just robbed and I when you walked in I felt this huntch that you're going to hit me again and my husband told me if I get those that I should act on them

Me: Yes but I have shopped here before, and I believe it was your daughter-in-law that served me because her husband was knitting in the back room.

Her: Well I didn't recognize you and so I called the cops.

Me: *shocked*

Her: You were looking at me more than the yarn...

Me: because I wanted to ask you a question about patterns. You were busy so I waited to talk to you.

Her: Oh...

Me: And your husband is the one that told me about your store. He seen me knitting at Starbucks and handed me cards and told me to come here and look at your stuff.

Her: umm...

Me: All I wanted was a stupid pattern...

Cop: This is a private shop if you would like him to leave we can see to it.

Her: No No its ok...He can stay. *she goes back inside*

Cop: Ok...Can you stay out here Krys we are still running your id thru the scanner.

*finally the cops let me go and I'm allowed to go back in. I walk in and all of the knitters are staying at me like I'm a criminal...*

Her: Here are some good patterns for beginners, an I was told that this is a GREAT book to have if you want to learn to knit...*hands me "Sensational Sock"*

Me: Yea I heard that was good too...

Her: These are nice too...*hands me some other patterns*

*after I realized what just happened I started shaking and could talk:

Her: Oh my...Your shaking...

Me: *looks up at her trying not to cry* I have to leave...I can't stay here...

*drops the patterns and hurries to the door before I start crying*

*End Scene*

so as soon as I left I collapsed on her front patio and started crying...I called DH, I couldn't talk he thought I was in a wreck at first....

After crying for a few min I was able to drive myself to work *Starbucks* and have a cup of coffee to sooth me...

I told my boss what happened and she couldn't believe it...

After I got home I sent this to the store owner via email...

Dear XxXxXxi * I hope that I show you spell your name*; First and foremost I would like to say that I am sorry you were robbed recently. Working in retail I have been held up a few times and I know that isn't a situation I would place anybody in. The reason I'm writing to you is that today you had 4 police officers take me out of your shop and question me. These questions included my purpose for being there and if I had any drugs or weapons on me. I have never fired a gun in my life so those questions were extremely offensive. You're husband is actually the one that told me about your store. He seen me knitting in Starbucks a few months ago and hand me a few cards and told me that I should stop by sometime, and I have but the times that I came in you weren't working and I believe the person that was said that she was your daughter-in-law. Another reason you never see me is because I usually go to Knitty Paws which is closer to me by around 10 - 15 min, I came into town just so I can go to your store. What I don't understand is when I walked in we talked about the supplies that I had i.e needle sizes and what they were made out of, and a few former projects of mine and I don't think some that was going to rob you would take the time to talk to you esp if you have a shop full of clients. I wasn't wearing baggy clothes or looked threatening in anyway. I'm hoping the reason you did what you did had nothing to do with my skin tone, and if it did I'm sorry...I'm sorry that you only seen color *skin as well as hair* and not the person that wanted to make his first pair of socks. When I walked back into your shop I was SOO embarrassed! This is the first time ANYTHING like this has ever happened to me. And what hurt me most was that you never once said that you were sorry. You explained why you did it but you never said that you were sorry about it. I don't like to interrupt people. So every time I was going to ask you something you were busy. I waited for you to finish the conversation you were having with the family that walked in after me. I waited till you got off the phone. I was even waiting to talk to you while the police were in there... Your web site says: Stop in, plan to stay a bit. Enjoy a cup of coffee and meet fellow fiber artists. Knit a friendship at Cottage Knits! I tried and all I got was public embarrassment. People staring at me like I was a criminal about to do something wrong. I hope you never have to feel like I did today. You seem like a nice woman and I would still like to frequent your shop from time to time. I just wanted to let you know how what you did today hurt and embarrassed me. I hope that I get some kind of apology after all this is said and done... Thank you, Krystofer Dixon

Did I over react or was this sooo uncalled for?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

WhiteTrash Drink Starbucks too...



~Drive thru beeps~

Me: Thank you for choice the Starbucks of 46 my name Is Krys what can I make for you?

Juvenile Delinquent: Yes I want 2 caramel Frapacinos...And could you make those mocha based?


We don't have mocha base so just coffee and creme. But I figure they wanted Mocha Caramel Fraps so that's what I charge them for...

*End Note*

Me: Sure I can do that...What size would you like?

J.D: OMFG! I want to fucking talls!

Me: *after catching myself* Ok....Two talls. I have 2 Tall Mocha Caramel Fraps with extra Drizzle, the total is XX.xx

*fast forward to my making the drinks with extra caramel drizzle and I'm handing the drinks out*

Me: I have your two 2 Tall Mocha Caramel Fraps with extra Drizzle.

J.D: *Look of disgust* These were suppose to have Mocha Drizzle....

Me: No, Mochas don't get drizzle, mocha Caramels get Caramel Drizzle...And all you asked for was extra drizzle

J.D: No I said I wanted Mocha...

Me: I'm sorry I will be happy to remake them for you

*takes drinks and walks away to take off the whipped cream and apply a new layer of Mocha drizzle*


* turn to my supervisor*

Me: I don't get paid enough to care about this will you hand these out for me?

Super: Sure!

*Super walks to the window to hand out their drinks*

J.D: WTF Is his problem...?

Super: He doesn't have one.

J.D: He has a fucking attitude

Super: Well he was trying to figure out what you wanted...

J.D: I told Him what I wanted, and he had a fucking attitude...I'm a fucking customer...

Super: *cute her off* Yes you are...*closes drive thru window and walks off*

*End Scene*

Sometimes I want to hit something really hard...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Shop on Blossom Street

ok if I couldnt be a bigger nerd I talked a freind into buying The Shop on Blossom Street. This is a GREAT book I started reading it a few hours ago and im on chapter 24...

I cant wait to finish and grab the next book inthe series...

If my memory serves me right the next book is about woman in a sock class...

Since I'mm about to under take socks myself i figured it would make for a good read!


and if you happen to have an extra copy of A Good Yarn PLEASE send it myway!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yes even more...

I caught a bug... I made like 4 pairs of these so far...sad I know



I know im a geek!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prevention is beter than a cure...

I have a new motto for life...

If you're thirsty, a drink will cure it, if you're not, a drink will prevent it.

Prevention is better than a cure.

Amen to that...

So who wants a drink?

Sunday, July 9, 2006

My First DPN project...

So I did it!

Plumpy you will be SOOO proud of me...

I was playin gwith my DPN and it clicked and i figured out what I was doing...

and now I have a set of arm warmers to call my own...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think they look cute on my...

I will learn socks soon I SWEAR!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

All performers are disabled. It's unbelievable that all dancers are deaf, they can't hear the big applause.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Pasta with a Side of Pain

So I'm all blistery and soar...NO this isnt a new addition to my STD collection...

last Wed I was making pasta and I spilt 6 gallons of boiling water on my arms and chest...

So umm yea after screamin, showering to cool down my skin, and collapsing on the bed bear ass naked in front of the window wishing for a breeze I came out of it with a few blisters on my wrist and my chest (tho I have a HUGE birth mark looking thing on my chest)...they are starting to pop but im using the bottle of h2ocean...I figure chicks LOVE scars so this will just take me on step closer to being the chick magnet that God wanted me to be in the first place...

and besides everyone likes a hot scar with a story to go with it...

I'm kinda tender but I am applying burn ointment to it so I think I should be ok...


why do I feel like a poached egg?