Friday, September 29, 2006

Scarves and socks anyone

So I'm making a few pairs of socks...a pair of tabi socks for me one god aweful pair of socks for Nick and a pair KiKi...I sooo need a life. I also found a shop im going to be transfering to in indy probly monday...

I think hings are looking up dont you?

btw I love Indy *well my neighborhood* in the fall, I think I might have to have a fun photo bike ride day to show it off

But I'm working on my scarf for the Exchange its comin galong nicely no pics incase my person reads this...:-p

but i love the fal i get to make all the cute stuff I was looking att all summer hehe...

This is on my MUST MAKE LIST:

but I am totally changing the colors...

off to finish my Tabi's

Monday, September 25, 2006

reason 1283971 2 im a addict

I wrote a check to my LYS KNOWING that is would bounce if I didnt get to my bank the next day and deposit the money for my yarn and needles I bought....

Does this mean i have a problem...

has anyone else done this?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Girl in the Big City


I know crazy to see a new post from me. But I fiannlyl have a puter I can post on. But I just wanted to update you all. I move dto Indy, made up with Nick * we are still not together but we are still freinds. We want to spend some time apart and try again later. *I'm takign him out on a date next week actaully lol*

But I got all my shit movied to indy and I'm loving it. *Did I mention Nick lives on the floor above me lol*

But I'mm transfering to a store here close to home an dI'm knittign socks like mad. I'm in a lot beter place than I was 2 weeks ago. Thanks for all of your kind words...

But I have to run and take a shower I'm all stanky but I will talk to you soon!