Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegas in T Minus 26 Days

So the count is on to Vegas. I have less than one month. Time to start saving money, finish projects that need to be done.

So I got bored this past weekend and jsut started making scarfs...I don't know why but now I have like 15, 12 foot scarfs hanging around all over this place. that I need to find something to do with...I DID finish my scarf for the exchange. notign to exciting its hunter green worked on size 9 needles in a drop stitch, around 9 feet long...

Then I went to check my mail and I found that I had a $50 and a leter from the IRS saying tha tapparenly I didn tcash a check hey sent me last year so they were makng sure I got it so they sent me a new one...I never got that check last year so free money is ALWAYS good.

I picked up some protien bars and stuff for my workouts this week...I'm goin gto have a nice body if it kills me...If I am going to Vegas I want to look good for it damn it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

To Frog or Not to Frog That is the Question

So after about a week of starting a scarf, frogging it, starting a new one, frogging it. I think I started one that I acaully like and hopefully the person I'm making it for will like also. I popped over to Celia's blog to see whats going on. And to my surprise she ad a list of peopel that are inmy knit only group with there blogs so i have been popping thru them today trying to figure out who has my name...This is my frist exchange and I'm rather enjoying it so far. I jsut hope ther person that gets the scarf I'm making likes it...*worries* I'd hate for her to put in alot of work on a nicce scarf to get something she doesnt like...

When Nick comes home I'm going to have him tak pics of it so you can see my progress...

and I finally made a button to link to my wishlist...WOOHOO

Goes back to knitting

Monday, July 18, 2005


Since a pic is worth 1,000 words I'll let this speak for itself...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Over Heated Car

So I go tmy copy of Harry Potter today at midnight! I was sooo excited. Then driving home, which is a 30 min drive, my car overheated. So I'm stuck on the highway at 3 am 10 miles from home. after calling everyone I coul dhtink of my Sexy Gay Freind Mark called and I told him what happened. he was like OMG, then my freind Rachel called me back so I had to get off the phone with him to talk to her.

after I was off the phone with her I called back Mark to find out he was getting dressed to come pic me up, keeping in mind he lives 2 hours from me. I thankfully got hold of my friend Dusty that lives ALOT closer, so Mark didnt have to drive that far.


But on the plus side I do have the new Potter *wink* and I got my peson for the Scarf Exhange AND signed up for SP5 on Knitty

Thursday, July 14, 2005

cult or relgion

After reading a post by the beloved Narc. I decided that I know nothing about this religion so I looked it up...

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for peoples belifes..but shouldn't the advice that comes from a faith be free? This is my big hang up here. Everything that you would want to do to beter yourself costs money anywhere from $16 to $100*. Hell I'm Jewish but I know that all the christian people give you free bibles.

I couldn't find anything about the principals and stuff that is all over this site. If it was so good or you I would think that they woul doffer this advice to you for free or at least have something about what they stand for on the site.

I'mm not saying that they are good or bad, but all I seen f it so far is that in order to beter yourself as a person and move higher up into the org. you need to shellout more and more money...

And I think the fact they relie on testimonials of ALOT of people in Hollywood doesnt help much either...

Well, I have to pack up my knitting I have a doc appt. and I need something to do in the waiting room...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New season of music

So After debating it for a few months I went out nd bought some new strings and I'm playing my violin again. I want to see if the Indianapolis Symphany Orchastra needs any help. They are always looking for pepole to help sell ticktes and stuff. Plus it will give me heads up if they are having auditions...

So I have started, stopped, and frogged this fucking clutch I'm makeing more tiems to count. I can't get it the way I want...*screams*

*breathes in*

Ok I'm beter...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

tattoos and some Kink

after carefull thinking and going thru postcards, mags, websites, I finally think i found my next tattoo. I want it going up and down my side, from arm pit to hip...

Image hosted by

I think its cute as hell dont you? Sreepy yet cute in a Tim burton type way...

In other news went up to Indy this weekend and went to a Job fair, Nick got the grand tour I just sat there like a bump on a log knitting. Oh well hopefully he got a job and we can move up there soon.

and I bought some more stuff for the "Naught and nice" wedding gifts. So far I have a jar of Chocolate body frosting for her, and a 4 pack green cockrings for him. and the bags are stuffed with condom of diffrent colors and tastes casue I thought that would be beter than using tissue paper. The search is still on for more fun things to fill these bags with.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

tattoos and fashion school

So I think I'm goin gto apply to the school of fashion and design, god im such a fag. but I was thinking about it an I think I might actaully be good at it.

Secondly, I jsut got one watching Cowboys and Angels OMG its such a cute movie. It's fromteh UK and its about this guy that has a gay roomie and he has this totaly makeove...sounds stupid bu i give it two thumbs up.

also on my mind I'm trying to think up a cute idea for a tattoo. I want it going up and down my right side, from hip to arm pit. but I have no idea what I want yet...I been lookin gthru books/mags/websites for ideas. I was wanting phinox but my sexy gay freind Mark has that already and so that is off limits. abnd I have a dragon already. sure its on the back of my head and you cant see it but it's there so I don't want two dragons on me...Ideas are more than welcome.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Diamond Girl

I'll have a real post later, most likly tomorrow with fun piccies to go with it so stay tunes. But for right now...

SONG ALERT! go down load this song NOW!

Rasputina's Diamond Girl

if you can recall those diamond commercials of the shadows wearing jewelry, they have that cello music in the background. Well they put words to it and its FUNNY AS HELL. and here are the words...

I want a diamond, I really do
I think that you should give me one
Then you can prove your love is true
And that the gift giving has just begun

I want that diamond, I want that thing
A tennis bracelet, a ring
It better shine, it better cut
I know it is expensive but...

What other way can you make
four months of your measely salary last a lifetime
And what other thing have I ever asked you for
The ability to read my mind
And I didn't get that either, Yet

I want that diamond, I want it so
All of my irritating friends will know
That I have worth, not only that
But that you love me even though I'm fat

I want that thing, I want it now
I'll say it once, I don't care how you get it
You can rob a store, There just is nothing I want more
Than diamond jewelry for me
And I'll talk louder so you see how very much it means to me!
Even some little stud earrings
Give me the goddamned diamond!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2005

95% straight

I was going thru Madison Indiana *I know you doon't know whee that is* and I found a few really cool knitting kits. I had to buy 2 of them. One is called a knit knack kit:

and the oher it's a DIY Parcel Knit knit,219.html

that link is to a crocet kit but its the closetes thing I could find on there website...

In other news my sexy gay freind mark mcae down for the weekend. And I must say it is fun hanging out with him. We drink make fun of straight bois...its all good! Well, we had a bit of a crazy night last night.

My 95% straight freind told Mark that he was cute and that he wanted to make out with him. Mark said maybe later and that was that. When we got home and started drinking darquies he was upset that he turned him down. So I had to comfort him sayign:

"Think about would be making out with a straight boy...THAT'S IT! Even if you did do anything with him it would be a one time thing. And eventhen he wouldn't do anythign with you! He'll get your dick hard but he won't make you cum so where is the fun in that?"

We laughed and sipped the rest of our strawberry darquies and finished our movie.

Saturday, July 2, 2005

scarf whore

Since I'm SUCH a scarf whore I decidd to sign upto be inteh scarf exchange that I seen on Cyncyn's blog. So I'm kinda excited its my friens tknitting exchange. I'm bubbling over with ideas, I just hope that whoever I get likes what I make for them.

So I started a sweater for my freinds baby shower. It's my first sweater EVER, ok its for a baby...But I figure we all have to sart somewhere right? Its going to look like a baby sized kimono with a pink ribbon to hold it closed and have a black 1/2" border. So far it kind alooks like a Coco Chanel knit suit. I told Rachel that her baby IS going to wear this and she said that she had every intention on making her baby wear it. It's for a 6 month old, and the needle sim workingon are fucking size 3's ! It's like workign on tooth-pics!

If you have last issue of Interweave the baby sweater is in there, I just tweeked the colors a wee bit.

Oh well I have to get some rest in I'm goin gou otmorow with Nick and SEXY Mark. I love being surrounded by sexy men all the time. Makes me feel pretty...

after looking thru the Thunder From Down Under site I found the guy I want...

This is Craig...*drools*

I SOOO cant wait to get to Vegas!

Friday, July 1, 2005

Naughty and Nice

as you guys know I started "Naughty and Nice" a few weeks ago but i didnt want to make them so far ahead of time in fear somthing might happen to them. But I started Naughty the other day and finished it no more than 5 min ago. So now I'm taking a break to blog a bit before I start "Nice".

I just got done watching "The Art of knitting" and it wasnt taht bad actaully. there was alot of cool infomations and stuff about spinning and things like that.

I wish i had people that I could meet up with and just set around and knit with. After awhile knitting alone gets kinda boring...

But I have my black with red pull "Naughty" bag done, jsut needs to be filled with some fun stuff! I called the brides mother to see what she tought of it and she thought it was GREAT...

Speaking of she also found out that when we get to Vegas in Aug that the hotel that she is staying at * Excalibur* has "The Thunder From Down Under" performing...Yea she already bought herself and I tickets to go see them LOL

And who says I don't get along with mothers!

incase you don't know who they are...lookie