Friday, November 25, 2005

Blitz Shopping...

Fighting, Name calling, biting, thowing things...sounds like a child not behaving. But if you were one of the millions taht woke up this morning and went shopping for those GREAT KNOCK OUT DEALS then you know what I'm talking about.

out of bordum Nick wanted to see how bad this could be...after me warning him and explaining tha it is as bad is he thought...he still wanted to try it.

So we woke our asses up at 4:15 this morning and went to Circut City, Targer, and Khols.

After tramping thru 3 stores and spending an hour in the checkout lines and a Venti Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte later we walked away with a new dvd player, a few shirts and a dvd...LOL

I don't think he will be wantin gto go do this agian for a while lol

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter and my new dyelot

First off I seen Harry Potter last night and it RAWKED just like i knew it was going to...It was soo funny. I wasn't excpecting it to be so funny. Then ther was a scene of harry in the bathtub trying to figure out his second clue. I have to say that i was kinda turned on by hin naked in a tub...and I guess so was Moaning Murtal ...LOL...

If you havnt seen it yet then i say GO NOW! if only for the bathtub scene!

Now I got bored today and i dyed some more yarn. Its my first time dying with two colors, I think it turned out rather nice don't you. I want to try some more color comonations but I'm not sure yet. I'm open for ideas...I'm thinking cherry red and grape...Bt I'm not sure yet...

So has anyone seen the new Knit.1 yet? This issue is of cute boys that knit! not only are there cute boys in it but also a VERY sexy ceterfold of a VERY hot boy I would love to knit a few rows with...PICK THIS UP! trust me its worth it...

Hmmm...lets see If I can't find something cute and fun to make with my new yarn...

*starts going thru his knitting books*

Friday, November 18, 2005


The new Harry Potter opens TODAY!!!!! But alas I have to wait till tomorrow to go see it. I cna wait thill then, hell I waited this long.

*dances around the room naked*

Thursday, November 17, 2005

whats up

I know i know i been neglecting my blog...

so I got anew peircing...

cute huh... I know it just makes me look that much more like a knitter huh LOL

But I started my Krysmas shopping. I am getting my freinds:

*Brooke and Julie an elephant painting * by an elephant not of an elephant" and a nice bottle of wine

* My grandpa 2 acres of prperty on the moon, seen here. cute idea huh

* Then I'm getting Nick and myself 60gb Ipods

So far I think that is a good list dont you...

I'm startin gmy scarf for the exchange soon when I get my yarn. I won't be posting pics about it. I forgot to change my senders name to a new email I made so my "secret pal" knows who i am LOL oh least I can keep the scarf secret right...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

love saturdays...

Its saturday and I don't have to work...WOOHOO!!!! you know what that means...


That's right I know how sad of me spendin ga full day shopping when there are children in other places that can only go shopping an our at a time...I feel for them I relaly do. And everytime my card is swiped I'll say a little prayer for them that they can move someplace where they cna shop all day...:-P

But on a even beter note I got my scarf exchange buddies name so that's good. I am going out today to see if I cant find a nice yarn so make this I dea I have in my head with..

well off I go...


Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Harjuko bois!

After looking all over the enternet I found HARAJUKU BOYS!


Krysmas is comign who wants to get me a new puzzle? (I always loved this painting) (this would look beautiful in my home) (I love this one) (great huh) ( I jsu twant to cuddle up with tis one) (a fun challange) ( this is just cute) tuscany is sooo lovely)

Sunday, November 6, 2005

long time no posts

So I'm not dead I'm still here. I jsut been so busy with work and things around my hus eU havnt had time to post. But lets see what all have I been up to... I got a promotion at work so now I'm a boss of 25 people...that's fun! I'm workign on my HP scarf still. And I'm buying stuff for Nick for Krysmas as well as my SP on, then trying to figure out how to knit on magic loop. plumy sent me some sock yarn...and I have decided to use it ONLY for socks..and it sreally nice so i have to learn sometime quick!

as of right now im trying to figure out what color i want to color my hair...I'mm thinking I want to go blue. Not for sure yet.

And on to future projects...I'm trying to find some new baby pattersn for nicks sister. I think I'm going to make her a pair of booties, and a hat...and if i can figure them out a pair of mittens...

BTW Plumpy showed me the nifftiest site yesterday...The AntiCraft...

Isnt that place soo much fun...very dark but still has alot of fun knits. I hope it lasts awhile! Oh well Talk at you ladies soon...