Friday, February 24, 2006

como esta

so thay last post I made frm my cell phone I was checkin gthings out with it...WOOHOO it worked...

So I'm typing this at home after getting home from at work at Starbucks...and who says I'm a bad bf I brought home a goodie back all for nick to take to was the following:

1- package of ground coffee jsut enough to make a full pot for him and a friend
3- peices of lemon loaf
3- expresso brownies
4- peices of blueberry coffee cake
1- package of Mexican wedding cakes
1- cheese danish
2- cho donuts
2- carmel bars

I think that should be good for the week dont you?


I think I'm going to bed...

oh before I forget I got home last night and I curled up with Nick in bed and he rolled over to snuggle with me and he ELBOWED ME IN THE EYE!

I wasnt happy..and becasue of this I'm telling you a story that I told him I wouldn't blog about but I figured it was 2 weeks ago so I can blog about it now...

We were drivin ghome from columbus and we stopped to get gas and somethign tastey to drink. He got out pumped the gas paid at teh pump and decided we wanted drinks so he ran inside and got them and came out...

We got settled back into the truck with out new found bottes of caffine and drive off when we heard something that sounded like we ran over som estrange and odd object. After looking out my window I didn tnotice anything unusal so Nick drove off...after 30sec he freaks out and jumps out of the truck...

He forgot to put the nozzle back onto the pump...and so we ripped it out of the pump as we were driving. God BLESS quick release...

F.Y.I this wasnt the first time he's done this *sigh*

ok back to you knitting everyone!

Monday, February 20, 2006



A new job and gifts

so my birthday was pretty good. I got a few new sweaters...I got this white spring/summer one that I have gotten into the habit of wearing after work to relax in...its REALLY comfy. I got new plugs for my ears, they are pink marble and sooo cute.

So I started Starbucks a few days ago. I'm liking it. Takes a bit to remeber all of the recipes but its fun. I'm sure Iwill get the hang of it soon enough.

My pericer wants to start selling my stuff in her shop. She has alot of things besides jewlry that she sells so I'm taking that as a good sign...People want to sell my wares...*wink*

Well I have to finish cleaning my flat...later guys..

And Jon I will SOOO see you at Stitches:-p

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's My party andI 'll cry if I want to...

today is my birthday...

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Krys...

Happy Birthday to me.....

*wishes for truckloads of yarn and to lose my love handles*

*blows out the candles*

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dyelots and surprises in the post...

First I would like to thank all of you for your comments in my last post. I'm glad to see I have people that would volunteer to become my family. Thanks so much guys *big kiss* Now on to my post...

I was wondering this for months now and I was scared to do it casue I didn't want to waste my yarn that Plumpy and my S.P sent me last round. I was wondering if I could overdye my oatmeal woolpak...I was scared it would turn to mud. So I found my slippers I made a few months ago and decided to use those are my swatch for the dye and here are my results...



It didn't turn into mud! Here is a better shot of the before and after...

I think it came out a nice shade of red don't you...

And its amazing how you can forget something even when you are staring at the envelope it was shipped in. I put an order in 5 weeks ago for some labels and I forgot about them. They came in yesterday and I was like "what?" they said "CASH'S LABEL'S" shipped from the UK and you better believe I had no idea what they were till I opened them...How cute are these?

I'm so excited about them and they weren't that bad it was a grand total of $25 for a 144 of these little buggers mailed from the UK. I'm on a knitting spree so I can sew these on!

I was asked to make something for a benefit going on in a few weeks and I thought that these came just in time to sew these on to some things that are going to be auctioned off to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes...

This is why I love checking my mail i get so much fun stuff in it...

And for those that want to send me something for my bday that is just this can send stuff to

Krys Dixon
905 Oak Meadows
North Vernon Indiana 47265

I'll be happy with just a card *wink* I'mm turning 22...But people are guessing I'm turning 21 so who am I to correct them right.

Well I'm going to hit that sak. Night babes....*big wet kisses*

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pieces of Krys ( I mean April)

I just finished wathing Pieces of April and I didn't know realize how emotional into I got untill the end where I actaully teared up a bit. It really touched me because I been there. I know what its like trying to please your family after being bitched at/yell at/emotionally abused/left out/ put to the side...and in Aprils words "I'm the first pancake" meaning I'm the one you have to get read of before you have a happy family good breakfast.

I been living in my apartment for 1.5 years. I have held down a job paid my bills have a car and never asked my family for anything yet its been 18 months * and counting* since I moved in and they have yet been to see me. Normally I would understand this being I lived hours away but I live 20 min away and that is driving slowly.

I come to understand that I'm the black sheep in my family. I'm 21 and I'm happy. I might not be doing what they think I should be doing and it pisses them off. I know it pisses then off when I come in sporting a new color hair, tattoo, peircing, eyeliner. But this is me, I like expressing myself. I'm an Art Major...THAT'S what I do! In 9 days I turn 22 and I'm still looked at like I'm that 8 year old boy refusing to take his medicine.

I'm not a little punk. I might look like I get into trouble but I speak 2 languges and learning a third, I play flute, violin and piano, taught myself how to knit along with numerous other artistic mediums.

I really do love my family through all the shit they put me through. Even though I think know my love is returned half heartedly...

Hopefully I will find people i cna adopt as family...becasue they way I see it the one I have now needs brought in for repairs...

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Incase some of you were living under a rock I was in the scarf exchange hosted by some freinds of mine here on blogger. I sent out my scarf and hat to Brianne and she got it yesterday and here is what she had to say:

They arrived on Saturday afternoon and I'm thrilled with them! The scarf is wonderfully long and will make a great scarf for the spring. The hat is fun and funky and my two year old has claimed it as his own!!! Of course, the hat is much to big for my little guy, but he loves it just the same.

Krystofer at Impossible Princess was my gifter. Thank you, Krys! My Mom and I would both love to know what pattern and yarn you used for the scarf? Mom wants the yarn information for a shell she wants to make and I want the pattern information because I want to make one to make as a Christmas gift for Mom. (Sssh. Don't tell her.)

Thanks again, Krys! *HUGS*

I'm so happy she liked it...I hope to see pc sof her little mane wearing the hat really soon!

And incase you were wondering what I sent her, these are some quick pics of them.

The scarf was made out of shine and shine twist from knitpick in cherry. It was such a great yearn to work with. Nice and smooth and cool. And the the hat shows in this by my lovely blue model ( don't you LOVE ebay) was from that ball I dyed aroun ddecember but was to "christmasy" for me so I waited a few months and threw in some weird/fun yarn I was sent by Plumpy ( who i havent heard fromin still out there hun?!?!?) and that became her hat...something classic and something fun..

I'm glad both things came out looking good and she likes them...

Damn this is the longest post I had in weeks...LoL...But I made and sent off two new scarves for the UBBERSEXY Alan Gentry for his freinds in the Cirque...that's right I'm knitting for the Cirque now LOL. I hope they like their scarves and much as Alan liked the one I made him...I guess we will see huh...I'll keep you posted on any more updates and events over here my on little part of cyberland...

Well I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can start up with Mr. Gentry...Later babes *muah*

Monday, February 6, 2006

Strike a pose

I fianlly found this an dI had to share it...the BEST EVER vesion of VOUGE...

How hot is that?

Wait it gets beter...Sexy underwear ad...

yea I thought so...wipe the drool off your keyboards *wink*

Saturday, February 4, 2006

New Project

I taught myself how to knit flowers...and I turned out this cute 20's style headband...I think it turned pretty cute. I wouldn't wear it but I still think its cute...

I'm going to try to figure out some more one day projects to do when I get bored...ideas anyone...

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Coretta Scott King, the wife of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has died. She was 78.

"We appreciate the prayers and condolences from people across the country," the King family said in a statement. Her death was announced by her friend Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta. Mrs. King had suffered a serious stroke and heart attack in 2005.

Coretta Scott was studying voice at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music and planning on a singing career when she met her future husband. They married in 1953 and had four children: Yolanda Denise, Martin III, Dexter Scott, and Bernice Albertine.

After her husband's assassination in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4, 1968, she continued his work for social justice and devoted her life to his legacy, establishing the King Center in Atlanta and working for decades for a federal holiday in his honor.

King became a symbol, in her own right, of her husband's struggle for peace and brotherhood, presiding with a quiet, steady, stoic presence over seminars and conferences on global issues.

"I'm more determined than ever that my husband's dream will become a reality," King said soon after his slaying, a demonstration of the strong will that lay beneath the placid calm and dignity of her character.

In 1969, she founded the multimillion-dollar Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. King saw to it that the center became deeply involved with the issues that she said breed violence -- hunger, unemployment, voting rights and racism.

"The center enables us to go out and struggle against the evils in our society," she often said.

In recent years, King spoke out against racial profiling, mandatory minimum sentences and attacks on affirmative action.

She became increasingly critical of businesses such as film and television companies, video arcades, gun manufacturers and toy makers she accused of promoting violence. She called for regulation of their advertising.

"In this country, we vigorously regulate the sale of medicine and severely limit the advertising of cigarettes because of their effect on human health," she said Jan. 15, 1994, the 65th anniversary of her husband's birth. "But we allow virtually anyone in America to buy a gun and virtually everyone in the nation to see graphic violence."

King received numerous honors for herself and traveled around the world in the process.

Due to poor health, King missed the annual King holiday celebration in Atlanta earlier this month, but she did appear with her children at an awards dinner a couple of days earlier, smiling from her wheelchair but not speaking. The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

new button

Alanmade me a new button...I thought it was super cute so I had to show it off. I finished the "boyfreind" scarf yesterday I have pics but I will up load them here in a bit...

For all of you that havnt seen Brokeback Mountian...GO SEE IT NOW! Its sooo good I read the short story and about cried so the movies really got me...I am going to get it as soon as it comes ot on DVD...