Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Diamond Girl

I'll have a real post later, most likly tomorrow with fun piccies to go with it so stay tunes. But for right now...

SONG ALERT! go down load this song NOW!

Rasputina's Diamond Girl

if you can recall those diamond commercials of the shadows wearing jewelry, they have that cello music in the background. Well they put words to it and its FUNNY AS HELL. and here are the words...

I want a diamond, I really do
I think that you should give me one
Then you can prove your love is true
And that the gift giving has just begun

I want that diamond, I want that thing
A tennis bracelet, a ring
It better shine, it better cut
I know it is expensive but...

What other way can you make
four months of your measely salary last a lifetime
And what other thing have I ever asked you for
The ability to read my mind
And I didn't get that either, Yet

I want that diamond, I want it so
All of my irritating friends will know
That I have worth, not only that
But that you love me even though I'm fat

I want that thing, I want it now
I'll say it once, I don't care how you get it
You can rob a store, There just is nothing I want more
Than diamond jewelry for me
And I'll talk louder so you see how very much it means to me!
Even some little stud earrings
Give me the goddamned diamond!!!


Lake Allison said...

That song always makes me giggle.. especially how she sings in that snooty accent.

Karen said...

Hahaha! That's such a great song - so funny. plus Rasputina is a wonderful band. Thanks for posting it today!

CynCyn said...

I actually really enjoy the first version (was it piano or cello... I've got it on CD here somewhere). But that sure is a funny remake!