Sunday, July 3, 2005

95% straight

I was going thru Madison Indiana *I know you doon't know whee that is* and I found a few really cool knitting kits. I had to buy 2 of them. One is called a knit knack kit:

and the oher it's a DIY Parcel Knit knit,219.html

that link is to a crocet kit but its the closetes thing I could find on there website...

In other news my sexy gay freind mark mcae down for the weekend. And I must say it is fun hanging out with him. We drink make fun of straight bois...its all good! Well, we had a bit of a crazy night last night.

My 95% straight freind told Mark that he was cute and that he wanted to make out with him. Mark said maybe later and that was that. When we got home and started drinking darquies he was upset that he turned him down. So I had to comfort him sayign:

"Think about would be making out with a straight boy...THAT'S IT! Even if you did do anything with him it would be a one time thing. And eventhen he wouldn't do anythign with you! He'll get your dick hard but he won't make you cum so where is the fun in that?"

We laughed and sipped the rest of our strawberry darquies and finished our movie.


Knottyboy said...

One time fun is just that Something to blog about but that's that.

katmeow said...

hm...i dunno...i love total makeout action w/ no strings attached...
oO what the hell, i'll take ANY action! lol.

CynCyn said...

mmmm....strawberry daquiris. those kits look like fun...can't wait to see the pics of the finished projects!

Jon said...

I would have made out with him just to see how far he would go. You can always take care of yourself later.