Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm only happy when it rains..

So here I am on my friends laptop hiding out in Nor Cal redwoods. Its actually rather nice up here. I will say it is rather rainy. Its rained well over 75% of the time since I been up here. Tho I do like the drearness of it all, gives me a reason to bundle up wit my knitting. Scarves, socks, new patterns... I have been a very busy boy...and I love it. I feel like I have found that spark that I lost...

I have been talking to a few freinds up here ant they want me to leave The City and move here...I have been giving it alot of thought. I'm not sure yet what I want to do but I like the idea and miss living in a smaller area. Tho I will say there are alot few gays let alone drag...or people of color...*heavy sigh* But whats a girl gonna do? I'll tell you what, strap on some strappy heels and hit the town for drinks. I seriously have to work something out with the bars here...there is one bar that is gay...get this, not once a week...but once a MONTH!

No brunch with the girls, No COCKtails with the ladies, I don't even wanna think about finding Mister Right. THANK GOD I have Sex and the city on DVD I can live thru them for the time being.

But I have to get back to my knitting and looking at MAC (makeup not apple)