Wednesday, June 29, 2005

dykes and the bar...

So I was out getting coffee with a few friends the other day and we started talking about my mother. And we cae up with a list about why my momis interesting and it consisted of the following items:

1. She owns 5 Harleys
2. She built 4 of them herself
3. She wears ALOT of black leather
4. She can work with power tools as well and carpentry stuff
5. She can make things out of wood
6. Se's been married 4 times * and considering whe's only 40 that is alo if you ask me*

After we started talking about it I came to he mom is a lesbian!

So after I realized this I did what any normal person would do. I called her up to tell her that I know she is a lesbian and that she should just tell me. I'll understand.

So I called her up and told her that I think she was a lesbian. She laughed and asked why I though tthis. And so i told her, again with the laughing.

So she told me I could think what ever I wanted...

I also decided that I would start hitting the gym and tone up a bit an go to the audtion I was invited to at teh Unicorn, everyone says I would make a fun stripper casue of my gymnastics/acrobtics/contortion history...

so I calle dMark up and told him that if I'm going to do it he is too and he was like ok, then I informed the bf that I was going to do it and all he could say was "GREAT!"

what does it say about someone that all his freinds think its a good idea for him to be a stripper...if it was anyone else I woul dthink they need to get new freinds. I guess this jsut goes back to the post I had about not having a life...and how WRONG I was.

More on these stories as they unfold...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thank god I love him

Befor eI start this I would liek to remind everyone how much I LOVE my bf..With that said...

Nick was cleaning up the apt today and he found a pile of old papers and ran them threw the shredder and linned our bunnies cages with it. When I came home I as like "Babes have you seen my patterns I was going thru them to find a sweaer to make for my sister."

He looked at the bunnies then at me and with plate size eyes he said "I can explain"

and that is why I have copys of my patterns...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

forget that last post...

Never fails peopel like to prove me wrong. I have a GREAT life! I went to indy for the weekend to hang out with freinds and I had a GREAT time. I went to Mass Ave Knitt Stuff, then went to the Art Museum, GREAT TIME! Not to mention I went shopping with freinds and had GREAT chineese food down town. Then went drinking and dancing, got offered to strip again. *sigh*

As boring as my life can be I love it. Plus Kiki LOVED her hat. nick brough the digi cambut FORGOT the batery! *glares* So no piccies sorry babes... But I woul dbe making another one soon for her.

I decided I'mm going to have my sexy model/stripper/escort freinds for a sex spread to show off my knitting for this art fair that somehow my name was put into*ponders who did it*

Right now I'm working on a scarf like the red one that I posed before, but green. Its going to be atleast 12 feet long, the shoot is going to have my FAB gay freind Darrel naked withthe scarf wrapped around him covering his "areas" then I'm going to have him holding the neelds soit looks like he is still knitting it...

Can you tell I was an art major LOL

Any other cute pic ideas I should put in my profile?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

my new knitting organizer

so i turned my clamshell ibook into my knitting organizer, the only thing on it are downloaded patterns and pics of my work...yea I'm SUCH a geek! So I'm lookin gon ebay to see if I can find a new clamshell so i can keep this as my knitting hard drive and one for play...

I need a life*tear*

Friday, June 24, 2005

$130 for that???

ok so have anyone heard anything on this? We were talking about it on Knitty, an apparently Abercrombie and Fitch * this is a rare time i will post ANYTHING about them* Seen her bag too and started selling a rip off version marked fown from her $130 to a nice $30. Now I can soo understand that she would be upset, but really this happenes all the time in the fasion world. I mean, look at the fashion at the oscars...within 24 hours tey already have knock offs made to put in stores.

If you want to read thw whole store you can have to register to read it but that takes a whole 3 sec.


I'll post pics of the KiKi's hat this weeknd when i canget shots of here wearing it...

Thursday, June 23, 2005


After finishing KiKi's "tops off" hat I decided that I'm going to make myself some nice cotton pants. I was looking thru some catalogs and I found a pair of clamdiggers I like but I'mm not willing to pay $45 for them so I think I'm jsut going to see if I can make a knited version of them using this cotton yarn I have. I think they would look good in a knitted version don't you?

But anywhoo, I orded Loop-d-Loop last saturday and I paid for expected delivery and its not ere yet...I'm getting antsy...*sigh*

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hat for you...holes for me

So I'm almost done with this hat I'm making for KiKi my piercer, after a bunch of brainstorming I came up with this concest of what it will look like. When I'm done with t i shall post pics of i and with KiKi in it.

1.its going to have ribbing on bottom to hold it snug onher head and on the top to add a nice finished look.

2. there will be a drawstring on the top of it so it can be tightened to hold her har up and bad.

3. the colors are going to be black with white dots duplicated stitched around it

4. I'm using St. stitch for the main body of it.

5. the top is going to be slightly wider than the bottom that way all her hair can fit in it, the last thing we need is a cute hat but with half her hair hanging out fromthe back...

After all these things I'm making for people "Naughty and Nice", "Cart Wheel babby blanket", and this one that I'm calling "tops off" I think its time to make something for me...suggestions an idas are welcome!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My mom is...well she just IS

So I went clubbing last weekend and this owner of the club came up to me and gave me his card and told me to audtion sometime. I read it and it was to be a stripper for the club I was in at the time...I thought it was funny as hell. so what do i do? I called my momthe following morning to tell her casueim sure she would freak out.

So here is the convo:

Me: Mom guess what happeend last night when Nich and I were out?

Mom: What?

Me: I was ofered an audition to be a stripper at the Unicorn.

Mom: OMFG are you serious?!?!?!? that is so cool you should do it!

Me: What?

Mom: You shoul dso do it, think about it. that is GREAT money plus you get to hang around alot of sexy guys all night.

Me: *shocked* Excuse me?

Mom: Not saying I did it I just heard that its good money. If I were you though I would jsut think about it, then go up and go do it...

OMFG...My mother is always surprising me...

Sunday, June 19, 2005


So after driving around Indianapolis going 10 mph I found a yarn store. Picture it, two fags driving down an inerstate crusing for a yarn store...It was a interesting sight to see...I mean really who knoew that Mass. Ave Knitting stuff was on VIRGINIA! but after asking around ithink it WA Son mass ave for a while.

But I got some yarn for this babyblanet I'm making for Rachel so that's fun, and I picked up some dpn needles to start on it. And after around 15 min of trying to work with them I have decided I CAN'T DO IT!

So I'm going to get on Knitty and see if I can't find someone to help me out.

I bought a new book of Amazon today

so WOOHOO! And I told my peircer that I was starting my own ebaystore and if that goes well maybe a little shop one day. THIS excited Kiki to no end casue she is ALL for bartering...So I am trying to design something to keep the mess of hair she has from falling into her face when she is working.

Speaking of peircers I am one, I trained in an actual shop. I did it for over 2 years. NOW after saying this I would assume you guys would belive me when i say I know what I'm talking about.

Here's the reason I am bringing it up...

Last night I was talking outside the shop with Kiki and these two guys walk over,and you can tell that they were drinking. I will not peirce someone that has been drinking and here are my reasons..
1. they bleed more
2. they swell more
3. they can pass out on me

And I told them that it migh tnot be a good idea if you get anythign done right now casue you were drinking and told them the reasonings behind it. One of them gave me a once over and gladered and said I won't bleed , she's not going to pierce a fucking artery. And I don't pass out, you might pass out but i won't


I didn't say he WOULD I said MIGHT! no reason to get all pissed off with me when I was simply being nice and ofering my thoughts on the whole thing. I ot pissed off and had to walk away.

Did I mention i een another male knitter out when I was outside my fav coffee shop TRYING * and I use this word loosly* to work on that stupid blanket...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

my new scarf

I know i know its jsut a scarf..but im so proud of it...I'm such a scarf freak...

you cant get the full dimentions from the pics but its around 5 inches wide and 10 feet was having a sale on bernate "galaxy" so i bought them out of every color they had of it. and I used 2 skiens of the red and a skien of regular black yarn 2tog...

Not to shabby...

I made on in purple and amethist too lol

Friday, June 17, 2005

Reasons to go veggie

1. Because heart disease starts in childhood

2. Because a veggie diet reverses heart disease

3. Because eating meat and dairy products make you fat.

4. Because you shouldn't have to lie to your kids about the food you eat.

5. Because in every package of chicken there is alittle bit of poop.

6. Because meat is filthy and bloody.

7. Because it isnt fair.

8. Because no living creature wants to see her family slaughtered

9. Because eating meat and dairy causes impotence

10. Because you wouldn't eat your dog

11. Because mad cod disease IS in the U.S

12. Because it''s violince you can stop

13. Because no one should have to kill for a living.

14. Beause it takes a small person to beat a defnsless animal...and an even smaller person to eat it

15. Beause no animal deserves to die for your taste buds.

16. Because the grain used to feed animals could feed hungry people

17. Because more tan half of the water used inthe U.S is used to riase animals for food

18. Because you can't eat meat and call yourself an environmentalist

19. Because they're defenseless

20. Because when animals feel pain, they scream too

21. Because they don't want to die

22. Because they feel fear.

23. Because no matter how you slice it, it's still flesh

24. Because commerce is no excuse for murder.

25. Because even prisons arent this crowded

26. because this is not what wings are for.

27. Because everyone wants to be free.

28. Becasue eating fish doesn't make you a vegetarian

29. Becasue might doesnt make right.

30 Because you know this is WRONG...

Go Vegetarian

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A week in pics

Fun pics from the last week...

A fun day of knitting and hiking....

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Pride...*I feel so ugly after looking at that*
Image hosted by

My sexy Edwin
Image hosted by

And no that isn't a doilie...its a round baby blanket, I am going to be changing those colors those casue i really don't like them. and I think I'm going to make myself a REALLY big round one...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Spin Me Around

So this is my new project that I'm working on between bags...

I have a few freinds having babies so I thought I might make a few of these for them...

Between baby's, weddings, and b-days my needles are sooo full. But hey it's a good thing when peopel wnt stuf fI make right?

Sunday, June 12, 2005


So I had a problem...when I took a look at my bag I noticed that the damn thing was I had to frog the whole thing out...which isnt that bad casue I was looking thru my stash and I found the softest fuzziest yarn i had and I decided that this frogging was a good thing so I changed my yarn, AND I found matching red to go with it for the "Naughty" bag...WOOHOO...

New Yarns for the Bags



Friday, June 10, 2005

Naughty and Nice

Since I cant find a pic of the bags I'm making I had to use the one on the cove of the book that gave me the idea...

But mine are going to be 3 times that big and my "Nice" bag I'm workign on now is going to be made with fleck...

I'm still not sure on the colors for "Naughty" yet...

Ideas anyone?

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Boredum killers

So I got bored the other night and decided that Binkie needed a new string bikini, so 30 min later after the measurments and a few miss sizings Binkie my "little" girl iguana now has a new pink bikini...

I think I'm going to make her a whole spring woredrobe taht way sh ewill be in style no matter where she goes...

Afghan Update!!!

I have decided to scarp this project for something beter...

Before I tell you this idea I had I need to explain it.

1. they are getting married in Vegas by Elvis
2. They are crazy fun people * see #1*
3. they like funny non traditional things..

ok so you know how I was going o make them an afghan...WELL...that was bugging me since I decided to make it but I hd a GREAT idea tonight and I think that this is EVEN BETER...

I'm going to make them 2 hand knitted gift bags one labeled:

Nice. And have stuff like chocolates, teas, coffees, and stuff for their first morning as a married couple.

And the other will be labeled:

Naughty. And itis going to have stuff like flavored lubes, condoms, sex dice, fuzzy handcuffs and stuff for there first night as husband and wife...

what are your thoughts on this? I think this woul dbe a MUCH beter gift than afghan...WAY TO TRADITIONAL!

and for all hsoe that like thsoe hotpants you can get the pattern here...


Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Do you have PRIDE?

I seen these and I SOO want to make them for someone to wear when I go to PRIDE this weekend...they're not really for me but I hope to find a freind that will wear them...

any takers?

Sunday, June 5, 2005

4 down 45 to go

So I started my afghan...I have 45 squares to make as of right now. I have all of one color donw and I have stared on color be that will go around color A...Wait ll make a diagam...

a b c d c b a
b b c d c b b
c c c d c c c
d d d d d d d
c c c d c c c
b b c d c b b
a b c d c b a

I hope that give you an idea...its' going to be shades of brown...


This is going fast enough considering each letter is a foot block.

Time to get back to work...

Saturday, June 4, 2005

The Wedding Afghan

So I started this afghan for my friend wedding in Aug. I have no idea wwhwat its going ot look lik eyet houg. LOL Sad I know. I got alot of Lion brand homespun and its going to have a faded look to it but other than that I'm stuck. I think I'mm going to do a paneled afghan mixing up the far that's the plan. I'll post pics of my progress...

Thursday, June 2, 2005

I'm on ebay...

So I decided to start an online store to sell charity scarfs, red and pink ones to be pecises. I figured this will give me soemthign to do and I am working to get some good karma. 75% of the money will go to charites that support breast cancer research or aids research. When I get my store up and running I hope that everyone out there will like to buy one.