Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before Krysmas

So I got a few cute things today for the holidays. My mom gave me a cool chest to put my yarn in, she is putting fabric in it so the yarn dosnt snag, And a set of pots and pans with matching plate ware and also a gift card to petco so I can get De Vil new cute things hehe. Poppy gave me my gift a few weeks ago of a new TV/DVD player and alot of new movies to go with it and to top it off a new waffle iron...oh yea...I'm geeking out lol

I bought Holiday Knits today from Silver in the City. It was on sale 50% off since it was holiday merch. so 21 down to $10.50...umm Id be dumb not to get it...right?

I been eyeing so pretty yarns on etsy too. I might have to get some for my SP (and me) here in a few days after I get some billa nd rent paid. We shall see....

Other than that I'm just hanging out enjoying my time off work and knitting. Nothing to exciting.

Hmm I think I might go cast on some socks...


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fair Isle What?

so yea LOOOOK what I made...

Isnt amazing what a ball of Noro and a ball of Knit picks that I found in my stash can make...

I think I shall make another for a friend for Krysmas...

See Robbie I can make cute hats too ;-)

did I mention this was my first Fair Isle project..teehee

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Whats up guys

Sorry about being MIA I have been working alot. The holidays are going crazy, my mom's xmas gift came in. How much do I love the Subversive Cross Stitch pattern book, I might have to borrow it for a bit hehehe.

Nothing says I love you like a nice FUCK YOU in pastel colors ;-)

Now tell me that's not cute!

Sunday, December 3, 2006


So I m making te big bad baby blanket from stitch and bitch but im doin git in a green border and blue center. I will post pics when I have more progress on it. It's with kettle dyed cotton and it it SOOO very cute and is making a very fun/funky/cute blanket. It's going up for sale on the onemiledown etsy store. One Project at a time right.

Other than that I just been working and calling people to see what they can get together so far I have had a good turn out.

my holiday knitting is short and sweet, just one pair of socks and another baby blanket. Sort and sweet lol

I found my next project. Its out of knit.1 this month and its a red dog sweater and it has writting on it that says " I heart my human" now tell me that's not cute as hell!