Thursday, February 28, 2008


So yea I have been knitting alot the past few weeks...And I found my Digi cord so that means FUN PICS!

This is my finished Icarus Shawl....isnt it GRAND!

This was REALLY fun to knit except when I was almost done...700 stitches a row takes FOREVER to me *eye twitch*

And yes this is the first shawl that im going to be raffleing off for ALC. If you like it all you ahve to do is hop over to and donate. its $5 a entry or 5 enteries of $20.

lets see what else I can find around here...

This is the Large Rectangle Trillis and flower shawl from Victorian Lace Today...

So far I think its coming along nicely dont you. Its been fun to knit and the fact its made up with cashmere and silk doesnt hurt either LOL

Oh yea this is going up for raffle also ;-)

and dont worry lovies if you dont win in a certain raffle once you enter you are entered in ALL the raffles I decide to do. So PLEASE besure to tell all your freinds about it!

Now go Donate for your chance to win!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lace Cashmere shawl for 5 bucks...what?

I was going to sell off some lace shawl for charity but then i thought it thru…I was going to be waiting a bit for someone that has that much money to by a shawl.

So I decided that I was going to have a raffle. You can donate online directly to the charity these are going for sale for OR you can get tickets from me. Every $5 is a entry…

I figured that way I can get alot more donations instead of waiting for a larger one.

So far I have the Icarus Shawl done I have to get pics of that up and im working on a shawl from Victorian lace today…I have a few more planned out after that.

So if anyone wants in on grabbing there own Lace Shawl hand knit by ME please feel free to pop over to my ALC page and donate a few dollars!

No one can donate all but if we all donate some we can blow last years $11 Million out of the water!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ribbed 4 his Pleasure

Since my Bday is Monday I thought i would give you guys a little gift from me to you! A FREE sock pattern!

So I thought you guys might like the pattern for these great socks! They are pretty easy and yet SO comfy!


Cast on 60

Arrange around 3 dpns

Cuff: K2 P2 ribbing. Cont for 3 inches

Now this is just what I did but after I was done with the ribbing I would arrange my stitches so that I have 16,16,28

Leg: Begin K3,P1 ribbing for 9 inches or till its the length you are happy with

Heel: Now for the fun part! You get to turn the heel dances around naked

This is a Short Row Heel, now if you have never done these dont worry they are REALLY easy and I prefer them to heel flaps since there is no flap WONT have to decrease in the gusset or pick up stitches...which i LOVE

Knit till you get to your needle with 28 stitches.

Knit till you have two stitches left on the needle. With working yarn in FRONT slip the next stitch, move the yarn to the back and pass the stitch back onto the left needle and turn work.

Purl till you get to the last 2 stitches and with the working yarn in BACK slip the next stitch, move the yarn to the front and slip the stitch back to the right needle, turn work.

Knit till you get to on stitch before your wrapped stitch, and repeat the wrapping process.

Do this until you have 8 wrapped stitches on each side

Hang with me we are almost there!

Its time to pick up the stitches we just wrapped so knit back to your last wrapped stitch and slip your needle thru both the stitch AND the wrap knit them together slip and wrap the next stitch so that there are 2 wraps turn your work and purl to the next wrapped stitch. Slip both the stitch and the wrap onto the needle and purl them together. Wrap the next stitch and turn work.

Knit back to the next stitch and slip needle thru BOTH wraps and knit 3 together, wrap the next stitch and turn work. Purl back to the next stitch, slip needle thru s stitch and the 2 wraps purl 3 together, wrap the next stitch and turn work.

Now you will continue doing this till you get to the last stitch and which point you will just knit it and start on foot.

Now go eat a WHOLE bar of chocolate

Foot: you will continue the k3xp1 ribbing till you get 3 inches from the end of the sock so if your sock finished sock needs to be 10 inches long you will knit 7 inches then start the toe.

YAY are you excited we are almost done with this damn sock!

Toe: Knit one round even.

I start decreasing my toes on the needle with 28 stitches and im going to refer to this as needle 1 for the last bit.

*Needle 1: K1 ssk knit to the last three stitches k2gther k1
Needle 2: K1 ssk knit till end of needle
Needle 3: Knit till there are 3 stitches left K2gther k1

Knit the next round even*

Continue this till there are ten stitches left

All you have to do is graft the toes closed and you are set!

Now here comes the hard part about socks...I know you are VERY proud of that sock you are holdingin your hand right now...but alas you have to put it aside and start its twin....

hands you more chocolate and a glass of wine


If you have any questions feel free to email me ;-)

Bday hideout

So my Birthday is Monday the 18th and I'm hiding out in Chicago just out of Boystown. I tend to do this every year anymore. Plans for the weekend are to relax, read the Thornbirds, have GREAT food, alittle shopping, and head out to the movies on my bday...And I DID bring my knitting. I started the "Large Rectangle" shawl from Victorian Lace Today with the Leaf and Trellis lace design in it. SO far its coming out really nice. I have a few inches done on it...I don't have the cord to hook my cam up to upload pics so I had to use my bare with me...

I have 3 skeins of Cashmere/Silk lace weight from Jade Sapphir. I LOVE it. It's 400 yd a skein and i have 3 of them total in the Autumn Sonata color way...I'm hoping this is going to be a great shawl when I'm done...

If this pattern looks familiar that's because I knit this before but that one was STOLEN...yea remember those 5 wedding shawls I was stolen...Had to remake it...but I'm keeping this under lock and key LOL

My friend Alan has been pestering me forever about wanting to learn to knit so I think we are going to go out later and grab some Peaches & Cream and he can go off making some washcloths...I figure thats a GREAT beginner project AND its something that he can use everyday so its not like a scarf or hat that he can only wear when the weather is chilled....Well that was my reasoning what do you think LOL. Hell I might grab a few balls myself and make some Ballband clothes for myself...those are SOOO cute!