Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mystery Stole...WTF

So I have joined the Mystery Stole3 Knit Along... I know I'm crazy I don't need your silent disapproving glares..But if you want to join you can go here lol

Click here to join mysterystole3
Click to join mysterystole3

If you want to see her cute blog click here

And here is a link to the stoles of MS past...

You have to buy the patterns now but OMG aren't they GREAT!

Yea I know all this lace...what the fuck could I need all this stuff for... I figured that these will be Krystmas gifts LOL

who wants one :-p

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back to my knitting...

After a week of being back I think I have readjusted as much as I can be. Back to work and the daily knitting...

Speaking of knitting I started a shawl for a friend of mine. It's the Skull and Lace pattern

Isnt that cute! I thought it would be a nice addition to her non existant knitted woredrobe lol

Well I cant really say I started it I know I want to make it but I have no ideas on the colors...

Anyone know any good color ways?

*runs over to Fearlessfibers*

Other than that I am getting a new store and position *hopefully* they are opening a store RIGHT behind my house so I can just walk there at 4:45 and be there at 5 instead of actually having to get up and ready LOL

Thank god for the small things...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

a few quick pics

Look I'm waiting to get my body rubbed down lol

This was the candle lit vigil at ventura words were spoken just silence and the sounds of the beach we were standing on

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the welcoming sign at Pismo Beach, one of many beaches we biked down

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no those arent aren't birds...they are dozens of Kite boarders...

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Monday, June 11, 2007

555.8 miles...WTF?

In case you didn't know... I biked the lifecycle last week. I just got in this morning...and I have some fun Stats for you...

We had:

534 roadies...
2333 cyclists
we rode a total of 555.8 miles
and we raised over ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!!!!


I will be doing it again next year... I did a early sign up LOL

But again thank you Miss Lime and Violet for you help and everyone that reads the forums/my blog and wanted to help, because of you this money would have never been raised.

This officially became the WORLDS largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser

If you would be interested in doing it next year with me I'm starting a team...Pretty In Punk, and everyone is welcome to join up!