Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegas in T Minus 26 Days

So the count is on to Vegas. I have less than one month. Time to start saving money, finish projects that need to be done.

So I got bored this past weekend and jsut started making scarfs...I don't know why but now I have like 15, 12 foot scarfs hanging around all over this place. that I need to find something to do with...I DID finish my scarf for the exchange. notign to exciting its hunter green worked on size 9 needles in a drop stitch, around 9 feet long...

Then I went to check my mail and I found that I had a $50 and a leter from the IRS saying tha tapparenly I didn tcash a check hey sent me last year so they were makng sure I got it so they sent me a new one...I never got that check last year so free money is ALWAYS good.

I picked up some protien bars and stuff for my workouts this week...I'm goin gto have a nice body if it kills me...If I am going to Vegas I want to look good for it damn it!


Anonymous said...

It's actually quite funny this week I started making scarves in 90 degree weather..what am i thinking..well i'll tell you not a darn thing..just wanted something easy that i dont have to think about lol.. actually im getting ready for fall and winter..they make great gifts..
keep rocking on the'll be a stud not that you arent already *winks*..and have a blast in Vegas

Knottyboy said...

Are you on crack? Look good? I wish I had your bod hon, trade ya. See how quick and easy that was for you to appreciate that fineness you got?
Vegas ay? Go stay with my mom. She lives in Greenvalley and if you party to hard my dad works at the county jail and he'll make sure the boys don't bother you to much.
have a great time. Hope you get to see one of the Cirque installations.

CynCyn said...

wait. i thought the point of a nice bod was so that the boys WOULD bother you?!? in that nice and naughty kind of way, of course.

can't wait to see the scarf!

Anonymous said...

You do know the plural of scarf is scarves, right?