Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Over Heated Car

So I go tmy copy of Harry Potter today at midnight! I was sooo excited. Then driving home, which is a 30 min drive, my car overheated. So I'm stuck on the highway at 3 am 10 miles from home. after calling everyone I coul dhtink of my Sexy Gay Freind Mark called and I told him what happened. he was like OMG, then my freind Rachel called me back so I had to get off the phone with him to talk to her.

after I was off the phone with her I called back Mark to find out he was getting dressed to come pic me up, keeping in mind he lives 2 hours from me. I thankfully got hold of my friend Dusty that lives ALOT closer, so Mark didnt have to drive that far.


But on the plus side I do have the new Potter *wink* and I got my peson for the Scarf Exhange AND signed up for SP5 on Knitty


Anonymous said...

Ok I have to know how long you waited to get your copy of Potter last night?.. My aunt went at 9pm and got a line ticket she was number 237 then she came back at 11:30pm to get in line..she didnt get her book till exactly 2:23am..

Are the books that good? I havent read them yet.. but I have watched the movies does that count?

Diana said...

After seeing the picture of the KY, I thought maybe this post was going to be about Harry Potter and the Over Heated Boy!

Suzanne said...

Well! Didja finish yet? Didja? Didja??? I lurrrrved it so much. I did the midnight party too...sans the car breakdown. Hey - at least you had reading material if your dome light worked. You've GOT to see the cool rubber bracelets they were handing out at the party I went to! I posted on my blog. ;)

I joined SP5 too! (gibbous) I'll keep my fingers crossed I get you. I can only dream of the goodies I could send from Babes in Toyland. ;)

markknitz said...

talk talk talk about this sexy mark person. pictures, girl!