Monday, March 2, 2009

For those that love boobs

Last night was Siser Sarah Femm's Benefit for the Boob II and it was a great time. We have awesome performas and my favorite sisters were there. I mean who doesnt love boobs??? And to make it that much beter we had awesum raffle prizes including celebrty donated handbags...I won TWO! Let me just say they are SOOOO cute, one is from Saks 5th Ave and the other is a recylced rice bag with the cutest panda.

Sarah asked if I could make her a shawl to raffle off along with all the other prizes, I was very surprised to see this hot man wearin git later that night when we had our un winding sessio nover at The Edge. I seen him at the Benifet but didn't really talk to him but I was like well hello I see you are enjoying this scarf. He was like I LOVE IT!. Good I replied I made it....

He looked at me and bllinked for a second and then told me this was the bag he wanted to win just so he could get the scarf. I thanked him and then he kissed me, lucky i locked my make up in place this wasnt a cute little peck on the cheeck and I woul dhave to have my makeup smeered...Hopefully I see him out soon because This Asp. Sister needs a cute french guy to knit for...

Then to add to the crazyness continued thu the night, between clown fuckers and a sister giving a blowjob in the bar and not to mention bare ass spankings, it was a pretty entertaining night.

Cant wait till our next event lol