Wednesday, August 31, 2005

easy lacing

So as you guys know I started dying stuff a few days ago and i'm having SOO much fun with it! I found a REALLY easy lacing project its a scarf and here is the pattern..

Size 13 Needles
Mohair * your choice of color*

Cast on 20 stitches

Do a simple garter stitch and POOF you have a lacy scarf LOL

I'm working on a dark blue/black one so it has a spider web look, really nice and GREAT for those little goth boys and girls we ALL know...hehe

So I'm going camping this holiday season you can check out where are here.

So I'm goin to have this scarf done by then...any ideas what I should start on this trip? I'm thinking maybe a shawl for a freind of mine but I'm not really sure yet...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

To Him:

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There will never be another
From the day we met there was never a doubt
You, you were the one
There's a part of you that has always been
Very deep in my heart
I was sure you belonged to me
Right from the start

Mio Bello Bello Amore
Every day anew begining
The whole world stands still
When you look in my eyes
And you say you are mine

In all the love that we share
This love is so prescious and rare
It burns as bright as the stars

I can see that you
Will always be here for me
Nothing will tear us apart
Good times and bad
Happy and sad
For the rest of our lives
You will always be here
Side by side

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There has never be another
Since the day we met
There has only been you
I have always been true

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
We will always be together
After all these years
What could ever compare
To the love, love that we share

Your the only one who was always there
Thru the joy and the pain
You were there through the darkest night
When tears fell like rain

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There will never be another
From the day we met there was never a doubt
That you, you were the one

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
I will always be your lover
Every step I take
Brings me back to the start
And back into your heart

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There has never been another
Since the day we met I have always been true
This love is only for you

This love will always be true

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Adventures with Kool-Aid

WOOHOO I just got a bunch of Kool-Aid, can you say DYE-FEST! I have a pot of cherry on right now, then I'm going to color this mohair blend I have with the lemonade...WOOHOO...My first dye job so this sould be fun. *skips around*

So I notice people like to label knitters but I don't really fall into their labels so I made up my own...I am the "Angry Feminist Male Knitter". I think that is the best way to describe me. Where do you guys stand on this?

I'll post pics of my new yummy yarns when they are done...STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm back

So I got back from Vegas yesterday and I had a GREAT time. I have to admit it took a day to get use to everything, But when Sunday rolled around, I had a BLAST. So here is the run down:

Money Won from:

Black Jack-$20

Roulette- $50

But I'm still in the hole... LOL

Zumanity was the most beautiful/seductive/amazing thing i have seen EVER! It really sparked my contortion/acrobat thing in me.

But he is the kicker, We were settign down after the wedding for dinner at this REALLY nice posh resturant *thats where I gave them there Naughy bag heheh* and I was talking to Nick and asked so when are we getting married? he was like well I was looking at rings and was going to ask you sometime this weekend but I couldnt find a ring I liked, or a ring i thougt you would like. he told me that and I was like WOOHOO! I don tknow if it was me or if i was the bottle of wine I downed but i was rather excited.

So Me, Nick , Dave, Eric, Rayena, Elle were laying out in at the pool sunbathing enjoying this vaca we were on we were all jsut debating how GREAT it woul dbe to move out of indiana. Maybe not LV but just OUT... So we are seeing where we can move to that is nice fun.

Ideas on where to go for our next vacation?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Vegas and the exchange

So I had 6 people join my little exchange...*more than I thought would* so thats all good. I sent out the names and addies to everyone no more than 5 min ago. Hopefully this works out and everyone has fun. Reminder that ALL WASH RAGS need to be sent out by the 2nd of Sept. If anyone doesnt get on email me or comment here and I will make you one myself:-)

Vegas update:

I finished the Naughty bag for the wedding and filled it with a buch of fun things...

As you can see I filled it with the following:
2-packets of honey
2-mint flavored condoms
1- jar of Chocolate Body frosting w/ paint brush
1-bottle of KY massage oil
1- assortnament of green C*ck Rings
1-book of matches
2- sented candles

If that doesn't say NAUGHTY I don't know what does...

Leaving in less than 24 hours WOOHOO I was sent home from work today do to nothing to do so now I have all night to clean up the house and pack...OH YEA I'm excited! 4 days in vegas...I don' tknow how im going to handle myself!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a little exchange

I was bored today and I wanted to see who all would be up for a little exchange between blog freinds. I thought I would see if anyone would be interested in this cause I'm done with the scarf I was making for the scarf exchange and was needing something to do on the plane ride out to vegas and back next week. but I thought a little washrag or something with a cute design or motif on it would be a great little time killer and give us all something to do if it was a break between projects, a new project, or a breath of fresh air from a project you were working on now.

But right now I'm thinking it will be a washcloth exchange. The reason is I seen ALOT of cute ones the past couple of days in some stores I been around. Alot of cute little designs and motifs on them. but if you want to do this please fill this out and email it to me at

Washcloth Exchange

What's your name:

Do you have a blog? if so what where can we find it at:

Do you want to use this wash rag or keep it as something cute:

Any events happening right now i.e birthdays, graduation, moving, vacations:

Any hobbies kniting or otherwise:

Certain colors you like:

Any colors yo wouldnt want:

And finally your mailing addie so they know where to send it when its done:

I really do hope you guys think this is a cute idea casue I REALLY want this to happen. It will keep me busy for a few days lol

4 more days till Vegas AND I bought tickets to Zumanity!!!! check it out did I mention im an acrobat/ going to LOVE IT lol

Signups in this thursday so I can pass out names and work on this on my plane ride out to Vegas on saturday. Since this is only a lil washrag please have this sent out by Sept 2.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Curl up and dye

So after reading some stuff on Knitty, I want to color a few skiens of my own yarn. I think I'm going tostart out with a simple koolaide and easter egg dye first. Iseen GREAT pics of the easter egg dyes...

Look arnt these colors GREAT...

I admit it im SUCH a color whore! But who wouldnt be look at that pic!

So I was reading up on easter egg dyes and since its in aug is kind hard to find them so i did a ebay search and found this...

100 boxes of Paas dye!

I am SOOO buying that! Can't beat it fo 5 bucks lol

So I'm at KnitPicks / Wool Peddler / Yarn right now ordering some yarn...WOOHOO I'm so excited!

Update on my Sexy Gay Friend Mark, his grandfather died tonight could you please send him your thoughs and prayers thanks you much...

7 days till Vegas!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yarn Ho's and Peircings

GRR I just lost my inter instead of me retyping tha shit here is the highlights I posted about...

1: My Sari Yarn came in yesterday, so I'm starting my scarf or the exchange

2: I have a new nape peircing.

3: This is what it looks like

4: 9 days till vegas

5: And this happened 30 se ago but I just got a RAK, Brand new Chopsicks and chopstick holder! WOOHOO!

Monday, August 8, 2005

Selling my stuff

So Kiki was talkin got her neighbor where she works, and apparently she was talking about me becasue now I have an interview with her to see if she would be intested in selling my stuff in her store!!!

Yea what can I say I LOVE Miss Kiki...

Thursday, August 4, 2005

A shear Delight

Thought I would say this beautiful shot of the sexy Jake Shears...

So I dyed my hair Violet last night out of bordum and I must admit it looks FUCKING HOT! I hope it holds till I get to Vegas, if not I'll put in a new color!

And I found a pattern for the scarf exchange!!!!

Now as soon as my yarn gets here I'm going to knit the shit out of it and send it on its way...

I don't want to jump the gun but has anyone sent theirs out yet? I might wait till the begging of Sept to send it..I'm not sure yet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

How dare you

Scarf Exchange Update...

I have been starting scarfs for weeks now trying out dif yarns and colrs to make this scarf for teh exchange, then it hit me today I know the PERFECT yarn! What are your thoughts about Recicled Sari Silk? I just bought to skeins of it online. I thought that would make a GREAT scarf...even if its a simple knit...don't you think? now I have to see if I can find a pattern that will go with this yarn...

And to leave you with a qoute I found:

"If you wanna marry Joe Millionaire, go ahead. If you're a celebrity and you wanna marry your high school sweetheart for 55 hours, go right ahead. If you're J-Lo and you wanna marry 18 people, for six days each, hey! Go right on ahead! But if you happen to be reasonably minded and have fallen in love and wanna marry your soul mate and make a life of it, and you just so happen to be the same sex, then NO! How dare you!"

So says PINK

Awww too cute...

So Nick and I went to lunch today at this small art gallery resturant here in town. It always has teh cutest painting/pottery/everything there. Well I brought my Ibook with me, casue I wanted someting to do while I was waiting for our food and stuff, So I'm holding it behind me and I her this woman talking about how cute some painting was. She is going on for a good 4 min when I felt someone touch my back. I turned and it was that woman, apparently she wasnt talking about some painting, but my blueberry Ibook...

That gave me a little giggle when she asked were I got it and I said off ebay...LOL...But I have to agree these are alot nicer than the black ones you see everywhere...

But I thought I would be nice and make something for my Sexy Gay Friend Mark's Sexy Rican Momma so I started Branching out. I have the first 10 rows done so far. I think she's going to like it...

And for those of you that have been wondering who I have been refering to as my Sexy Gay Friend Mark...This be him...

But I have to get ready for work...Later you knitting freaks!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

random post...

Sittin ghee watching "Te Saint" with Val Kilmer...

I TOATLLY forgot how cute he is!

What ever happened to him???

Monday, August 1, 2005

Newest projects and RAK

For the person that decided to correct my spelling with out leaving their name...Yes I know the plural form of "scarf" is "scarves", I just HATE how that word looks I think it has something to do with my life long hatred of the letter "V", so I simply refer to more than on "scarf" as "scarfs". Be sure to leave your name so I can thank you personally next time...

On a lighter note I bought a knitting kit from target the other day on clearance, well actually I bought two:

sorry no pics of these kits, I couldn't find there website

Knit this: Baby bib/booties/bonnet

This is going to Rachel for her baby she is about to have, I tweaked the design a little and put a knit flower on it with her babes first and middle initial in it

Knit this: Yoga Mat Bag

This is going to me because I need something to carry my mat around when I go to classes and stuff.

And I love the plastic needles that come with these two kits because they are flexible and SO comfy to knit on...

Both for a grand total of 7 bucks, I can't beat that shit. Plus I got some new needles, 4 patterns, 2 yarn needles, and some nice pink and green cotton yarn.

I think I 'm going to go back and pick up the Knit this: Wine Bottle Cozy, I could use some new dpn that come with the kit LOL

But for those who want to see my newest boredom projects here are those scarfs that I finished last week...

My 11 foot long drop stitch that I think I'm going to send out for that exchange I'm in...

This one is my pride and joy, I made this one right at 6' long, using 3 dif yarns...Talk about a tangled mess...But it kinda reminds me of a Monet water color...Don't u think so?

And you cant forget about the 6' "Lipstick" scarf I just finished...

In other news in one weeks I had 2 RAK, I got a bunch of stuff in the mail for drawing. 3 drawing books to be correct: Pencil, Shading, and Color. You better believe I broke out my sketching supplies when I opened that up.

And my second on is a gift cer, To this REALLY nice tea website... I had to get some more Jasmine Tea, I wanted the white tea but its out of season *tear*

Then I also colored my hair Friday night, I now have short cropped light pink hair. I stopped by Sally's and picked up a few things of Manic Panic. When this gets old I'm going to throw on some Ultra Violet...

I think I had a pretty fucking good week. LOL

19 days till Vegas