Wednesday, July 6, 2005

tattoos and fashion school

So I think I'm goin gto apply to the school of fashion and design, god im such a fag. but I was thinking about it an I think I might actaully be good at it.

Secondly, I jsut got one watching Cowboys and Angels OMG its such a cute movie. It's fromteh UK and its about this guy that has a gay roomie and he has this totaly makeove...sounds stupid bu i give it two thumbs up.

also on my mind I'm trying to think up a cute idea for a tattoo. I want it going up and down my right side, from hip to arm pit. but I have no idea what I want yet...I been lookin gthru books/mags/websites for ideas. I was wanting phinox but my sexy gay freind Mark has that already and so that is off limits. abnd I have a dragon already. sure its on the back of my head and you cant see it but it's there so I don't want two dragons on me...Ideas are more than welcome.


Knottyboy said...

I can't believe you actually wrote that LOL I was thinking of you as the gay roomie in that flick. And baby you'd be just the knit hottie to pull it off.

Suzanne said...

Design school? Rock on! Fag or no - I bet you'll be great. Anything you think you'll want to focus on? (I'm hearing fiber arts screaming out)

Check out some of the traditional Indian patterns they do in henna. Or check out some of the incredible NorthWest Native American stuff. There's this moon representation I was dying to get done on the back of my head...but I never got around to shaving my head for it.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi..was just surfing the blogs when yours captured my attention.. Have to admit..i'm having my own trouble thinking up another tattoo for myself as it is.. i have four of them.. so damn addicting..and costly as well..between my yarn and tattoos im suprised i have enough money to pay living

katmeow said...

I've been thinking of going to school for fashion design also. The irony would be that i'm the most unfashionable girl i know.
When you said, "hip to arm pit" it made me visualize a tat that is the internal bones/organs of that side of the body. because i really like ribs. but that is a lil "eh", too morbid and unrecognizable then i thought...H.R. GIGER!!! because he is one morbid I would check out his stuff.