Friday, June 17, 2005

Reasons to go veggie

1. Because heart disease starts in childhood

2. Because a veggie diet reverses heart disease

3. Because eating meat and dairy products make you fat.

4. Because you shouldn't have to lie to your kids about the food you eat.

5. Because in every package of chicken there is alittle bit of poop.

6. Because meat is filthy and bloody.

7. Because it isnt fair.

8. Because no living creature wants to see her family slaughtered

9. Because eating meat and dairy causes impotence

10. Because you wouldn't eat your dog

11. Because mad cod disease IS in the U.S

12. Because it''s violince you can stop

13. Because no one should have to kill for a living.

14. Beause it takes a small person to beat a defnsless animal...and an even smaller person to eat it

15. Beause no animal deserves to die for your taste buds.

16. Because the grain used to feed animals could feed hungry people

17. Because more tan half of the water used inthe U.S is used to riase animals for food

18. Because you can't eat meat and call yourself an environmentalist

19. Because they're defenseless

20. Because when animals feel pain, they scream too

21. Because they don't want to die

22. Because they feel fear.

23. Because no matter how you slice it, it's still flesh

24. Because commerce is no excuse for murder.

25. Because even prisons arent this crowded

26. because this is not what wings are for.

27. Because everyone wants to be free.

28. Becasue eating fish doesn't make you a vegetarian

29. Becasue might doesnt make right.

30 Because you know this is WRONG...

Go Vegetarian


strangelittlemama said...

yay! I've been vegetarian since I was 12 and I'm raising mt two kiddos w/o any meat in their diets either.

rincaro said...

Yay for veggies! I'm one myself. And you should totally do the knit clamdiggers. And postpics! :)

goblinbox said...

NICE POST! You go, princess.