Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My mom is...well she just IS

So I went clubbing last weekend and this owner of the club came up to me and gave me his card and told me to audtion sometime. I read it and it was to be a stripper for the club I was in at the time...I thought it was funny as hell. so what do i do? I called my momthe following morning to tell her casueim sure she would freak out.

So here is the convo:

Me: Mom guess what happeend last night when Nich and I were out?

Mom: What?

Me: I was ofered an audition to be a stripper at the Unicorn.

Mom: OMFG are you serious?!?!?!? that is so cool you should do it!

Me: What?

Mom: You shoul dso do it, think about it. that is GREAT money plus you get to hang around alot of sexy guys all night.

Me: *shocked* Excuse me?

Mom: Not saying I did it I just heard that its good money. If I were you though I would jsut think about it, then go up and go do it...

OMFG...My mother is always surprising me...


Jon said...

Wow...dude, your mom stripped? LOL

Don't you just love finding things out about our parents when they were younger? My mom was a total party animal in college. She was kicked out of school because she partied too much. Now, she's little miss prim and proper. It makes me laugh.

markknitz said...

it's nice to have a mom who's...supportive. that's totally cool and hilarious. my mom would have a conniption fit, then i would HAVE to do it, just to piss her off.

Renee - a mom - natch said...

Anyone can surprise you at any time. And it is a requirement in the parental guild that we shock the bejesus out of our children on an at least yearly basis.

Jane said...

Oh man did this entry make me laugh! Your mom is officially awesome. :)