Sunday, June 19, 2005


So after driving around Indianapolis going 10 mph I found a yarn store. Picture it, two fags driving down an inerstate crusing for a yarn store...It was a interesting sight to see...I mean really who knoew that Mass. Ave Knitting stuff was on VIRGINIA! but after asking around ithink it WA Son mass ave for a while.

But I got some yarn for this babyblanet I'm making for Rachel so that's fun, and I picked up some dpn needles to start on it. And after around 15 min of trying to work with them I have decided I CAN'T DO IT!

So I'm going to get on Knitty and see if I can't find someone to help me out.

I bought a new book of Amazon today

so WOOHOO! And I told my peircer that I was starting my own ebaystore and if that goes well maybe a little shop one day. THIS excited Kiki to no end casue she is ALL for bartering...So I am trying to design something to keep the mess of hair she has from falling into her face when she is working.

Speaking of peircers I am one, I trained in an actual shop. I did it for over 2 years. NOW after saying this I would assume you guys would belive me when i say I know what I'm talking about.

Here's the reason I am bringing it up...

Last night I was talking outside the shop with Kiki and these two guys walk over,and you can tell that they were drinking. I will not peirce someone that has been drinking and here are my reasons..
1. they bleed more
2. they swell more
3. they can pass out on me

And I told them that it migh tnot be a good idea if you get anythign done right now casue you were drinking and told them the reasonings behind it. One of them gave me a once over and gladered and said I won't bleed , she's not going to pierce a fucking artery. And I don't pass out, you might pass out but i won't


I didn't say he WOULD I said MIGHT! no reason to get all pissed off with me when I was simply being nice and ofering my thoughts on the whole thing. I ot pissed off and had to walk away.

Did I mention i een another male knitter out when I was outside my fav coffee shop TRYING * and I use this word loosly* to work on that stupid blanket...


Karen said...

Hi Krys! I think it's common practice to not pierce or tattoo anybody who's been drinking alcohol. If it was me I'd send them to the shop manager or owner.

Would it be possible to use circs for the blanket? Maybe a 9" one to begin with? Might be easier than wrestling with DPNs.

Suzanne said...

Wow! I totally learned something. Who knew drunks weren't good piercing subjects? Idiots. I hope they walked out with a Tazmanian Devil tattoo on their ass. ;)

Jon said...

What's wrong with the dpns?


Maybe they have a video that can show you how to wrestle with them. I would show you, if I could, but I'm not there and you're not here.

katmeow said...

you're going to LOVE loop-d-loop. I just got mine in the mail last Friday and I'm already planning for a few projects, and better yet...getting tons of creative ideas from it!

MarQ1 said...

I cheat and put point-protectors on the unused ends of the dpn's. If a stitch can slide off, it gets a point-protector crammed on the end. Better safe than picking up stitches.

goblinbox said...

DPNs are a bitch to cast on to, but once you're going they're really easy.

Most tattoo shops won't tatt you if you're drunk for the same reasons. I think bleeding is a big one.