Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hat for you...holes for me

So I'm almost done with this hat I'm making for KiKi my piercer, after a bunch of brainstorming I came up with this concest of what it will look like. When I'm done with t i shall post pics of i and with KiKi in it.

1.its going to have ribbing on bottom to hold it snug onher head and on the top to add a nice finished look.

2. there will be a drawstring on the top of it so it can be tightened to hold her har up and bad.

3. the colors are going to be black with white dots duplicated stitched around it

4. I'm using St. stitch for the main body of it.

5. the top is going to be slightly wider than the bottom that way all her hair can fit in it, the last thing we need is a cute hat but with half her hair hanging out fromthe back...

After all these things I'm making for people "Naughty and Nice", "Cart Wheel babby blanket", and this one that I'm calling "tops off" I think its time to make something for me...suggestions an idas are welcome!

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