Friday, June 24, 2005

$130 for that???

ok so have anyone heard anything on this? We were talking about it on Knitty, an apparently Abercrombie and Fitch * this is a rare time i will post ANYTHING about them* Seen her bag too and started selling a rip off version marked fown from her $130 to a nice $30. Now I can soo understand that she would be upset, but really this happenes all the time in the fasion world. I mean, look at the fashion at the oscars...within 24 hours tey already have knock offs made to put in stores.

If you want to read thw whole store you can have to register to read it but that takes a whole 3 sec.


I'll post pics of the KiKi's hat this weeknd when i canget shots of here wearing it...

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