Friday, August 19, 2005

Vegas and the exchange

So I had 6 people join my little exchange...*more than I thought would* so thats all good. I sent out the names and addies to everyone no more than 5 min ago. Hopefully this works out and everyone has fun. Reminder that ALL WASH RAGS need to be sent out by the 2nd of Sept. If anyone doesnt get on email me or comment here and I will make you one myself:-)

Vegas update:

I finished the Naughty bag for the wedding and filled it with a buch of fun things...

As you can see I filled it with the following:
2-packets of honey
2-mint flavored condoms
1- jar of Chocolate Body frosting w/ paint brush
1-bottle of KY massage oil
1- assortnament of green C*ck Rings
1-book of matches
2- sented candles

If that doesn't say NAUGHTY I don't know what does...

Leaving in less than 24 hours WOOHOO I was sent home from work today do to nothing to do so now I have all night to clean up the house and pack...OH YEA I'm excited! 4 days in vegas...I don' tknow how im going to handle myself!


Anonymous said...

Naughty bag sounds delicious..

I would be so excited if it was me going to Vegas.. but since its you and not me.. all I can do is grumble like the grinch.. so jealous..LOL

Did you say earlier that you are a contortionist? wow! that would be fun to watch or see you pose in one of those extreme positions.

Im ready to start making a dishrag. Great Idea once again.

goodkarma said...

Have a great time!! Hey, have you tried that new KY warming gel/liquid? Cha cha cha!

Cheryl said...

Oh I bet you do know how you are gonna handle yourself.....

And I am sorry I missed your dishrag exchange...get me in the next one!

Knit Diva said...

ohhhh lala...hehe What a great goodie bag... Thanks for getting the dish rag exchange started.. They are already on the needles..LOL Hope you have a great time in Vegas..

Suzanne said...

So naughty but so niiiiiiiiiice. You know how to SHOP! And c'mon...that little knit bag is to die for!