Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a little exchange

I was bored today and I wanted to see who all would be up for a little exchange between blog freinds. I thought I would see if anyone would be interested in this cause I'm done with the scarf I was making for the scarf exchange and was needing something to do on the plane ride out to vegas and back next week. but I thought a little washrag or something with a cute design or motif on it would be a great little time killer and give us all something to do if it was a break between projects, a new project, or a breath of fresh air from a project you were working on now.

But right now I'm thinking it will be a washcloth exchange. The reason is I seen ALOT of cute ones the past couple of days in some stores I been around. Alot of cute little designs and motifs on them. but if you want to do this please fill this out and email it to me at cd108@comcast.net

Washcloth Exchange

What's your name:

Do you have a blog? if so what where can we find it at:

Do you want to use this wash rag or keep it as something cute:

Any events happening right now i.e birthdays, graduation, moving, vacations:

Any hobbies kniting or otherwise:

Certain colors you like:

Any colors yo wouldnt want:

And finally your mailing addie so they know where to send it when its done:

I really do hope you guys think this is a cute idea casue I REALLY want this to happen. It will keep me busy for a few days lol

4 more days till Vegas AND I bought tickets to Zumanity!!!! check it out www.zumanity.com did I mention im an acrobat/contortionist...im going to LOVE IT lol

Signups in this thursday so I can pass out names and work on this on my plane ride out to Vegas on saturday. Since this is only a lil washrag please have this sent out by Sept 2.


Anonymous said...

My brother and sister in law saw Zumanity -- loved it. Have fun!!!

Elisabeth said...

Cute Idea! I sent you an email.

zibibbo said...

sounds fun, do you have a date range for this?

and have a most excellent vacation!

CarryFairie said...

Wish I could, but I will be out of town during that time. It does sound fun though!

The reason for my "out of town" will be going to Burning Man...sounds like something up your alley too! :)

Anonymous said...

love it love it love it! I'm hopping on the bandwagon..emailing you now.

Have a blast in Vegas, im soooo jealous