Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm back

So I got back from Vegas yesterday and I had a GREAT time. I have to admit it took a day to get use to everything, But when Sunday rolled around, I had a BLAST. So here is the run down:

Money Won from:

Black Jack-$20

Roulette- $50

But I'm still in the hole... LOL

Zumanity was the most beautiful/seductive/amazing thing i have seen EVER! It really sparked my contortion/acrobat thing in me.

But he is the kicker, We were settign down after the wedding for dinner at this REALLY nice posh resturant *thats where I gave them there Naughy bag heheh* and I was talking to Nick and asked so when are we getting married? he was like well I was looking at rings and was going to ask you sometime this weekend but I couldnt find a ring I liked, or a ring i thougt you would like. he told me that and I was like WOOHOO! I don tknow if it was me or if i was the bottle of wine I downed but i was rather excited.

So Me, Nick , Dave, Eric, Rayena, Elle were laying out in at the pool sunbathing enjoying this vaca we were on we were all jsut debating how GREAT it woul dbe to move out of indiana. Maybe not LV but just OUT... So we are seeing where we can move to that is nice fun.

Ideas on where to go for our next vacation?


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun!..Sorry your in the hole.. but whats the fun in gambling if you actually win.

Next vacation go foreign!!..and take me to.. Scotland here I come.. Can just see all those men in kilts blowing in the wind. *winks*

CynCyn said...

Hmm. Scotland is a nice suggestion! are you engaged or not? you can't leave us hanging like that!

Italy is a most beautiful and relaxing vacay. Chicago is always nice, but might be too close to home? Big or little city?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. You did leave us hanging on your engagement.. whats up with that? you can't just say he was going to get you a ring.. and then not tell us what you were thinking. Come on we are definately in the curious zone now.

P.S : sending dishrags off today for the exchange.

Diana said...

Engaged? Wow.Tell me more! I love to visit Old Quebec in Canada. It's very european. French is the primary language with English as their secondary language. There were so many nice looking Frenchies there!

Grace said...

omg! Do you think he was just testing the waters to see what your reaction would be? My fiance did that... I think what he said was, "i hate having roommates... we should think about getting our own place, since I'll probably be asking you to marry me in the next year or so". It was like EIGHT MONTHS later that he finally proposed.

So will your next trip be a honeymoon then?????