Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Adventures with Kool-Aid

WOOHOO I just got a bunch of Kool-Aid, can you say DYE-FEST! I have a pot of cherry on right now, then I'm going to color this mohair blend I have with the lemonade...WOOHOO...My first dye job so this sould be fun. *skips around*

So I notice people like to label knitters but I don't really fall into their labels so I made up my own...I am the "Angry Feminist Male Knitter". I think that is the best way to describe me. Where do you guys stand on this?

I'll post pics of my new yummy yarns when they are done...STAY TUNED!


Diana said...

Hmmm... I'm going to have to think awhile on this one... Angry feminist male knitter thing.

Anonymous said...

*laughing* ok..well you got to explain the angry part..whatcha angry at?

and hey no fairrr you started dye-ing with out me..How am I suppose to catch up if you already started..*running around frantically looking for my dye buckets*

Faerynuff said...

I don't consider you angry, unless you hide it well from all us Knittyheads?

CynCyn said...

Angry and Feminist go together. Male, not so much. but, hey, us angry feminists would love to have some men speak up for us too! Have you read "Privelege, Power, and Difference" by Allan Johnson? great book about discrimination.

jenny macc said...

I don't get the feeling you are "angry" just frustrated, upset,worried. I have a feeling you are just a sweetie pie hiding behind a hard crust.????