Friday, January 6, 2006

Barbie promotes gender confusion

I think this is a load of bullshit but I thought i would raise the queation with you guys...

here is the artical

The font is kinda hard to read so I'll post it here too..

A third gender choice available to young participants of a poll on the Barbie doll website was changed after initially offering children the options of "I am a Girl," "I am a Boy," and "I don't know" – eliciting charges that Mattel, the company that owns Barbie, is intentionally promoting gender confusion among kids.

Apparently due to the criticism, the third gender option has now been changed to "I don't want to say."

Concerned Women for America, or CWA, believes by including the "I don't know" choice the company was promoting the homosexual agenda.

"It's the idea that well, maybe people aren't born a particular biological sex, or they are but that shouldn't determine their gender identity," Robert Knight, director of CWA's Culture & Family Institute, told the Christian Post. "And that's a very big component of the homosexual activist agenda now."

Knight pointed out the homosexual movement now goes by the acronym GLBT – for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered – and sometimes adds Q for "questioning youth."

"In other words, any kid who's not sure about who he is, he's fair game to try to persuade to have same sex acts," said Knight.

CWA has posted a screen shot of the original poll's options on its website. The poll question itself asked about what activities the respondents participate in during January.

Knight also questioned Barbie's emphasis on material things and physical appearance.

"Some critics have said the Barbie dolls really have convinced American girls that the materialistic way of life is the way to go," he told the newssite. "You have to have the hot cars, and the tropical scene. And Barbie has the perfect figure and the perfect outfits.

"It's really steering girls away from the idea of womanhood as predominantly – in terms of Christians – serving the Lord, getting married, having kids, building a home. You don't see any of that with Barbie – it's all about things."

Left-wing blog Big Brass Blog ridiculed the suggestion that Barbie had an agenda by including the "I Don't Know" option.

Under the heading "Now this is just beyond silly," poster the Green Knight writes:

"I'm not sure why 'I don't know' is there; it might be just a programming mistake, or it might be a reflection of the fact that, yeah, sometimes really young kids might not have thought about it too much yet, but this mostly invisible drop-down item in an obscure section of a web page is not evidence of anything. It's certainly not a promotion of anything, other than, well, Barbie.

"And yet … CWA honestly think[s] that this is some nefarious plot to indoctrinate 4-year-old girls into homosexuality and transsexual surgery. Yes, that's what they really think."

Mattel flatly denies any effort to purposely encourage gender confusion with the poll.

"Whenever we ask a child's gender, we provide her/him with three different answers: 'girl,' 'boy' and 'I don't want to say,'"explained Lauren Bruksch, a company spokeswoman. " always provides children with a neutral or non-response option."

Continued Bruksch: "In this particular case it was an innocent mistake; it should have read 'I don't want to say' as it does now. To suggest anything otherwise is ridiculous and irresponsible."

The spokeswoman said the answer "I don't know" is built into the sample answers of the rotating poll, and the fact it was not corrected before going live was an "unfortunate mistake."

I'm sory but first off why is there a man heading up the CWA?

Secondly I think they are jsut saying this to start shit...

But your thoughts?


Stariel said...

"I'm sorry but first off why is there a man heading up the CWA?"

Exactly what I was thinking. Oh and, according to "the Lord" a woman's job is "serving the Lord, getting married, having kids, building a home"?

Now there's a negative message if I ever saw one!

Diana said...

I think we give Barbie too much credit for influencing children. It's a fuckin' doll, period. When my husband was a child, he would remove the heads and hide them on his sister. Sometimes he would hang the Barbie dolls out the window to torment his little sister. But I think he's normal. He hasn't done that to me yet and we've been married 28 years. Sorry Mattel, Barbie is just a fuckin' doll!

Anonymous said...

how can they print such slander? How can aperson be so far gone from reality that they really believ that letting a child or young person read "my gender is I don't know" will lead to the conclusion of homosexuality?

Guin said...

I can't roll my eyes enough. The CWA are a bunch of insane psycho housewives apparently being headed up by their version of a Bosley. Are they like his Angels? I wonder if they fight crime...or have Farrah hair...

And as the daughter of a transsexual, I would love it if companies WERE actually taking steps to include a third option of gender, or acknowledge that some of their consumers will feel this way. But I don't think Mattel will be the one to lead that particular fight. Come on. It's a fucking DOLL, as said before.