Monday, October 31, 2005

too much for krysmas?

ok so I am debating getting Nick a ipod for Krysmas...So after looking at them I have decied on gettign him an actual Ipod, becasue the others are TOO small and we would loose them LoL. I think I am going to get him a white one and get myself the black one. And on his I am going to have it envgraved with "I Love You" then on the second line is going to say I love you but I think I'm going to have it in Jap. Got to love free engraving LoL...

but what do you guys think about this?

I was also going to knit him a ipod arm band so he can carry it around on his arm when he goes jogging/bike riding/driving/ignoring his boss at wrok or just walking aroundthe apartment

reasons I want to get this for him:

1. It would free up ALOT of space on our eMac since we have alot of music and his photography on it

2. It holds 25,000 pics and that is MORE than enough space for him to download his pics when he has to go on shoots

3. They are cute as hell!

So what are your guys thoughts on over the top?


Jon said...

I adore my iPod. Best gift I got last year from Xmas.

Grace said...

I love my iPod too! I really want one of the new ones that work for photos. You really can't go wrong with an iPod gift, that's for sure.