Monday, October 24, 2005

Love my SP and a new Project

WHOOHOO My SP sooo came thru yet again!

So this package had in it:

A bag of wool

A drop spindle

A book about spinning

A bar of vegan chocolate

A pair of Halloween boxers * A few sized to big, not to worry I'll let nick wear them*

A new needle case to carry my stuff in when i travel.

hmm... Looks like I'm going to have to figure out something more challanging for the next package...

Art Project Alert!

ok so after thinking about this I have decided to give this a try...

I want to put together a litle art project and I need your guys help. All you need to do is if you have something that is on your chest, that you HAVE to get out...we all have them...or a secret you have to say or ANYTHING you have to get out, could you write on a post card and send it my way...

you can sign it or not it doesnt matter.

examples are:

1. things you did and feel sorry about
2. a letter to a ex/lost friend or family member
3. something that has been on your mind latley
4. any weird or random thoughts...
5. qoutes that you like...
6. Personal mantras


if you would like to do this comment and leave your email and i will send you my addie for your cards to come to...

Goes back to work on knitting this HP Scarf...I'm almost done...

1 comment:

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

I'd love to! send it to me at

oh, and the friend with the daughter who's ill...big heartache..I think that the best thing you can do is be a willing ear for all the YUKKY emotions that your friend will go through. She'll be all strong for her daughter, and you can be the place where she "dumps".

You're a cutie! (From a fellow Knittyhead)