Thursday, October 13, 2005

scarfs for this coming season...

So, as much of you kwow I'm a scarf WHORE! So I was at Urban Outfitters, an dI was looking up the new styles this fall and I found some cute as shit scarfs...and i KNOW I could rip them off cute are these?

But I REALLY want to make something like THIS!

You guys like them?


choomon said...

I liek that last one, and it really wouldn't be difficult.It looks liek a chevron pattern with some garter stripes in it.
Good luck knocking them off!

Michelle said...

Oo, the top one is cool! Looks like it starts in one piece, then you'd divide into three sections and knit each separately, then rejoin at the end. Me like.

I know what you mean about ripping off inspriations from store-bought scarves. Last winter I walked by a Bennetton store window and stopped because I needed to figure out how to rip off one of the scarves on the mannequin!

PlumpKnitter said...

oh man.. i like them all.. i wouldnt know which one to knit up first..I really like that last one.. but the first one with the red tassles is drawing my eye.. hmmm and you say you can make up the patterns for them???? how bout sharing hehehehe