Saturday, August 5, 2006

Frogs, RAK's and Belly Dancing

So I'm sad to say that I frogged my sock. You know that I HATE frogging ANYTHING, so the fact that I frogged this sock says somthing. I was using the pattern from A Good Yarn, a good book but the pattern was a little off center. It was a 5 needle pattern yet it didnt say how to divide them nor how to seperate them when doing ribbing. I might have to try it again later but right now I'm just putting that pattern aside.

Now to my RAK, I got a package from a friend from Knitty, containing:
  1. New DPN since the ones I'm using now got wrapped * I think im going to warp these too but ill try to loosen my grip lol*
  2. 2 skeins of memories from KnitPicks. Redwood Forest I do believe she sent me. I LOVE the colors and figured I'm going to make them into a pair of socks for DB *I use DH and DB interchangeably throughout this site but its the same person* for the fall. He's been nagging at me for 2 years now to make him a pair of socks and I'm tired of him stealing he ones I made for myself.
  3. A skein of Magic Stripes from Lion Brand, which I'm knitting on right now.
So I think I make out rather nice.

Last night DH and our friend Russ went out to eat at Greek Islands and it was rather nice, I mean what can you say about a place that has belly dancers, flamming cheese and people screaming "OPA!" every 5 minutes. Fun people and great food. There vegan selections aren't GREAT but they had enough that I will want to go back again sometime.

Well, I'm to finish this sock.

Happy Knitting!


KnitXcorE said...

I can't w8 to check out you *new* socks! OPA! Belly dancers you say? sounds crazy... CRAZY FUN!!! OPA!!! YAY for free stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you like the colors, I was a little worried, as a lot of my yarns are a little pastel types! ;) Take care!

CynCyn said...

the good thing about socks is that they knit up fairly quickly if you work on them. :) sorry you had to frog it. have you tried toe up socks? then you don't have to worry about warping your DPNs.

Plus, you won't have all those sticks waving around in your face. :p