Saturday, December 17, 2005

A new baby and a early krysmas

So nick Sister had a baby...her name is Kate. She was 8lb 15oz. I know a big baby huh...but she is really cute. A full head of hair. When I get pics I'll post them. We were talking about when she went into labor she was taking a shower and had to go pee well she didnt want to walk out and get the floor wet so she just peed inteh shower. She got ou tand she was drying up and peed some more. This pissed her off and after she cleaned up she walked in to the bedroomand peed some more. she turend to Joey and was like I can't hold my bladder since I peed inteh shower. And Joey was like ummm "Hun...your water just broke"...All she could say was "Oh". Yea I thought it was funny

Nick bought me a set of knitting looms. I was playing with them this morning. they are kinda fun.

You can make some REALLY cute things on them. They wont replace my needles but I think they will be nice to switch up sometimes you know.

I got Plumpy's gift(s) done. I knowshe will love it. I wont send it off till after Krysmas tho that way she will have it for the new year but after all this holiday mess that is going thru the mail.

But I'm going to play with my new looms...I'll talk at you guys soon...

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Knit Diva said...

I always wondered how those worked..hehe I just bought a knitting mag the other day that shows you a pattern for cell phone cozies and ipod cozies done with the looms.. If you are interested, let me know and I can email them to you...