Thursday, December 15, 2005

Krysmas gifts

So in the past week I have made 3 handbags and a mohair scarf...

I have one more scarf on my needles and i'm working on a 3rd handbag...

Damn i never knew these little buggers would be so fun to make you know...

this is the newest one...

oh well.

Krysmas is comign up so this shoul dmake for a fun krysmas gathering i would think...wellI hope anyway. I know my Grandpa got me a bunnie hutch so i can put my bunnies in...WOOHOO...Those things run $140+.

Gifts I'm giving out:

Grandpa: 2 acres of property on the moon...this is for real check it out

Grandma: A hand bag with a red mohair scarf

Mom: Angel Bath Set

Sister: I'm not sure yet

Nick: Hopefully the Ipod

Reina: Handbag filled with Burts Bees lip stuff

Eric: Shot Glass Checker Board

I think that is a pretty good rundown dont you...


Cheryl said...

what is the pattern for this?? It is adorable and you could sell a million of them!!!

The Fluffy Ewe said...

I would love to see the pattern for the bag as well. Tres chic!

Knottyboy said...

My god honey you've been a very good boy haven't you? I've not even so much as put on a pair of mittens. I usually wait until after the holidays so I can really enjoy the work. Deadlines kill the process for me. But I'm sure that someone who's as prolific as yourself, it just flows like wine.

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Oh boy, make me a handbag please? *wink*

They are fabulous. I'm impressed.

Happy Holidays!

Take care,
Anne aka harajukuroxy

Elspeth said...

What a great purse! I love it!