Saturday, September 3, 2005

tattoos and camping

After looking thru blogs I found that alot of knitters have tattoos so I thought I would show off mine...

My pet Dragon...isnt he cute *giggle*

My lil' froggie

Got to love Drama Masks

You always remember your first time

Ring around the Ankle

To Give Love

yes "the" means somthing check out Shelley Jackson's site

Ra who?

So yea I have some body art to me LOL. I got home today and decided that this camping trip is going to be a knittign retreat for myself. I am takng two projects I need to finish and I was thinking about taking some of this new raw wool I got and dying it...I think it could do it over the fire in a nice size pot but Im not sure what do you guys think??? I need soemthing to do becasue I found out that the place we booked to go camping not only is a gay male resort, but is also clothign optional LOL so I think I should bring somethign to do incase I don't like the scenery LOL

And ound a new toy that I HAVE to have! I seen tehse before but I had no iea what they were called till jsut today...but its a diabolo. you juggle them on a sting...have you seen these?

mmmmm....I must collect the whole


CynCyn said...

where'd your new piercing go? beautiful tats... you're far braver than i...

i hope the scenery at camp meets your approval. taking crafts along is always a good idea, and can get some conversations started :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have fun.. all I have to say.. is if your gonna run around nekkid and work over an open fire..take care of your dangling parts..wouldnt want you to come back with something dyed that isnt suppose to be *winks*

Jon said...

I saw some bare skin there...I think you forgot something! LOL

I've heard that tats are addicting but I just don't know. I guess I'm just a big whimp.

cherry blossom said...

nice ink :) i think that's going to be my next venture...a tattoo. i just recently took out my monroe piercing and i need something to fill the void lol :)

have fun on your camping trip! please don't bring back pictures.... LOL ;) just kiddin :D

Knottyboy said...

Your freckled cheeks make me weak. And I love touching peoples tats, such an intimate moment with another's art.

AutumnAngel said...

great tattoos, i want drama masks too but i can't find any i like. yours are probably the closest ive seen. did you draw them? or was it flash,, and do you know where i can find a pic like that? thank you AA