Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who wants to join?

For all those Harry potter knitting heads ot there I thought I would make a knit-along site. I want to make something for the new movie in november...and I fiure I woul be mor elikly to do it if I had people makng stuff with me...So if you are a potter freak like me please hit me up *wink*



My new model came in today..what do you think of him?

Pretty cute huh...


Michelle said...

Ha! Not only do we have the same shower curtain, we have the same scarf/hat model!

Great scarf!

Anonymous said...

Well, that model is very sexy. Love the scarf too!

Your SP

Anonymous said...

love the cobault blue face *lol* scarf of course is great like you knit up anything less than great its all gorgeous.
As for your potter idea I'm so loving the idea.. me and my son are impatiently waiting for the movie to come out in novemeber its gonna be great

choomon said...

I was just thinking that I needed one of those heads for blocking hats. Your scarves will show up great against it. I wish I could do the HP knit along, but I am too swamped with holiday stuff right now.