Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Incase some of you were living under a rock I was in the scarf exchange hosted by some freinds of mine here on blogger. I sent out my scarf and hat to Brianne and she got it yesterday and here is what she had to say:

They arrived on Saturday afternoon and I'm thrilled with them! The scarf is wonderfully long and will make a great scarf for the spring. The hat is fun and funky and my two year old has claimed it as his own!!! Of course, the hat is much to big for my little guy, but he loves it just the same.

Krystofer at Impossible Princess was my gifter. Thank you, Krys! My Mom and I would both love to know what pattern and yarn you used for the scarf? Mom wants the yarn information for a shell she wants to make and I want the pattern information because I want to make one to make as a Christmas gift for Mom. (Sssh. Don't tell her.)

Thanks again, Krys! *HUGS*

I'm so happy she liked it...I hope to see pc sof her little mane wearing the hat really soon!

And incase you were wondering what I sent her, these are some quick pics of them.

The scarf was made out of shine and shine twist from knitpick in cherry. It was such a great yearn to work with. Nice and smooth and cool. And the the hat shows in this by my lovely blue model ( don't you LOVE ebay) was from that ball I dyed aroun ddecember but was to "christmasy" for me so I waited a few months and threw in some weird/fun yarn I was sent by Plumpy ( who i havent heard fromin FOREVER...you still out there hun?!?!?) and that became her hat...something classic and something fun..

I'm glad both things came out looking good and she likes them...

Damn this is the longest post I had in weeks...LoL...But I made and sent off two new scarves for the UBBERSEXY Alan Gentry for his freinds in the Cirque...that's right I'm knitting for the Cirque now LOL. I hope they like their scarves and much as Alan liked the one I made him...I guess we will see huh...I'll keep you posted on any more updates and events over here my on little part of cyberland...

Well I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can start up with Mr. Gentry...Later babes *muah*


CynCyn said...

yay! glad your pal loved your hard work on the scarf. such pretty colors.

Anonymous said...

another great scarf! you are such a great knitter - they are so stylish!

your SP

Knit Diva said...

Love, Love, Love the scarf!!! It came out gorgeous... The hat is funky and something my boys would love also... It is always nice to hear gratitude for something you made for someone else.... Keep it up... I love looking at your knitting...Ü

Anonymous said...

now, have you got your parcel yet??? nag-nag-nag....your SP

Anonymous said...

I'm here!! I am so behind its not even funny.. I'm trying to catch up but I think my scarves I am currently swimming are trying to strangle me alive...I'm so glad your pal liked it.. My pal liked hers to. what a relief isnt it? So when and what is the next exchange or fun lil knit project cause I'm following you around *lol*