Friday, February 24, 2006

como esta

so thay last post I made frm my cell phone I was checkin gthings out with it...WOOHOO it worked...

So I'm typing this at home after getting home from at work at Starbucks...and who says I'm a bad bf I brought home a goodie back all for nick to take to was the following:

1- package of ground coffee jsut enough to make a full pot for him and a friend
3- peices of lemon loaf
3- expresso brownies
4- peices of blueberry coffee cake
1- package of Mexican wedding cakes
1- cheese danish
2- cho donuts
2- carmel bars

I think that should be good for the week dont you?


I think I'm going to bed...

oh before I forget I got home last night and I curled up with Nick in bed and he rolled over to snuggle with me and he ELBOWED ME IN THE EYE!

I wasnt happy..and becasue of this I'm telling you a story that I told him I wouldn't blog about but I figured it was 2 weeks ago so I can blog about it now...

We were drivin ghome from columbus and we stopped to get gas and somethign tastey to drink. He got out pumped the gas paid at teh pump and decided we wanted drinks so he ran inside and got them and came out...

We got settled back into the truck with out new found bottes of caffine and drive off when we heard something that sounded like we ran over som estrange and odd object. After looking out my window I didn tnotice anything unusal so Nick drove off...after 30sec he freaks out and jumps out of the truck...

He forgot to put the nozzle back onto the pump...and so we ripped it out of the pump as we were driving. God BLESS quick release...

F.Y.I this wasnt the first time he's done this *sigh*

ok back to you knitting everyone!


Alan said...

He's going to bash you in the other eye for telling that story. Too funny... and it isn't one of those "That's okay, because everyone does it" stories. Nick is the first person I know who actually has been so blond as to drive off like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna laugh..really it would be mean to laugh at Nick *snickering* umm I mean really he could have blew up the gas station or something like that I mean..umm OH MY GOD *LAUGHING MY ASS OFF* How freaking hilarious!!!! I'm sorry hehehehe.. really I am in control once more.. poor Nick...*makes a note always check the gas tank* I admit I have left the top off before but wheewwwww..
*hugs* hope you didnt get a black eye hun.

CynCyn said...

Um. it's the first time I've heard of anyone driving off with the pump in the car still too. Still... it's a great funny story, provided you didn't get blown up.