Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Love of Entralac

So here I am knitting my holiday gifts up and I'm making not 1 but three Entralac projects for diffrent people. One Stile and 2 scarves...the sad thing is I want something too so I'm probably going to be casting on a forth one here soon if I dont go crazy first *sigh* But other than that life is going okay. Jsut been trying to get these gifts done so I can send them back home to Indiana. I will say that the one thing that is really starting to piss me off is this weather that we are having inThe City as of lately...I don't mind cold, or rain, or wind but I am not a fan of cold, windy and wet days...Tho it's probably a good this that way Im staying inside and working on projects that I need to get done.
Speaking of I just wanted to give you a quick update...now I'm going back to my knitting and hopefully will update here soon...


~ I'm the Knitter your Grandmother warned you about...

~ Damn straight I knit like a Rockstar!

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