Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter To a Non-Knitter

Dear Non-Knitter;
Before you say anything about the handcrafted gift I just presented you please keep a few things in mind. Yes, I could have gone to a store and wrestled between getting you this or that a few days before now, but instead started weeks/months/years ago by picking out the perfect shade of yarn to go with your skin/eyes/hair, then stitched countless swatches of different stitch patters and piecing them together, moving them around, adding and dropping a few finally coming up with the pattern i would use to make your gift.

Now that WE have that I have all this figured out I have to figure out your measurements without your knowledge...Now this a very clever trick witch i will not expose in this letter, for it will unravel many a knitting secrets. Now that I have your measurements I have to put those into a equation using the stitches I chose to use and I have to do a bit of math...that's right I said math. I have to figure out how many stitches to cast on so that your gift isn't to small of big for you.
After I have don't this I can FINALLY cast on to actually make your gift. This could be anywhere from tens to over a hundred stitches. Now here where the fun begins. Sitting in my comfy chair, bus seat, plane,doctors office I knit. And knit. And knit, all the while thinking to myself how much this will look good on you. for these aren't just stitches I'm making with these needles and yarn, I am softly saying a little prayer for you, whispering I love you into each stitch. All 500,8395 of them...Yes, I really did count them...

After I have all the pieces made, and trust me I probably had to knit some pieces more than once so that they would have the same gauge as the rest of the pieces, I have to sew them together in the right order and place, this might a few tries to get right since sewing isn't my greatest gift. But I push through knowing that this gift is for you.

Now I have everything together, the color is beautiful and the garment is blocked, dried, and ready to be gifted to you.

All that time I spent just to give you a scarf, a sweater, a blanket, or those socks. Each stitch made with love for you from me. So when ever you feel that your alone or life gets hard go find this gift of love and pull it around tight and know that someone loves you and that they spent the time to actually make this for you...
Sharing a handicraft is done out of love. Their is no monetary cost that can cover the time that goes into it each piece. So if you are ever lucky enough to receive one of these precious items, please treasure it and understand that it is a piece of art in itself made specifically for you.

Now doesn't that make this gift a bit better than that Gift Certificate to Where Ever-Mart...

With Love,
A Knitter

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Anonymous said...

I think I may print this out and give it along with all my holiday knit gifts this year;) Thanks for the very well executed statement!