Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boychick on a Mission

So after dating a this cute Jewish guy (I flat out asked him if he was and he said yes) for a few months, and trying to get him to come to Seder with me...
With no avail, it came to light that no in fact he wasn't Jewish and lied because he wanted to date me. Now, I only date Jewish guys but if I ask you if you are please don't lie to me. I guess he gets asked that allot, so this time he just went with it.

In desperation I broke down and signed up for If you don't know what that is, think of it as for Jews. And let me tell you I'm very surprised with the gay Jewish boys on my area. I think I might have to start going to temple more often.

In knitting news I have started a merino and silk scarf that I'm hoping will look great felted down. I found a hat pattern in a book Shibori Knits. It looks great no so im hoping the felting would look even better.

But really Its been a very mellow few weeks. Just working on make up some more of my designs. And I'm really getting into seeing my own ideas coming off my needles. Who knows I could be the next Eunny Yang, and you all can say you read me when lol

But I have to get off here my breakfast/knitting is waiting on me. I promise to update soon!

And I leave you with Art...I love this video!

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Anonymous said...

Hey doll!! I wanted to let you know that my movement is settling and I'm hoping to have the second glove finished by the end of the week.