Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raffle for FANTASTIC prizes

I'm giving away 2 balls of Black Malabrigo lace, one ball of lacey lamb in Lime green, one skien of Lace-a-licious, and 4 balls ( 2 per person) of Cashmere/Silk from Jade Sapphire as a prize to someone that donates to Aids Lifecycle :-)

Think of the scarves you can make with that!

You can donate HERE

If you would rather donate Via paypal my email is Theimpossibleprincess AT gmail DOT com. I know that in the past few years a few people wanted to give thru paypal.

If you don't know Aids Life Cycle is a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to L.A to raise money to help fight HIV/AIDS and for related services. This will be my 5th year riding.

I personally have been living with HIV since I was 21, 5 years now, and luckily I havnt needed help. But MANY people have to choose between meds or food... and thats not right.

On top of the yarn EVERYONE that donates gets my Simple Elegance pattern... So a few of you will have a nice little knitting kit...Yarn and a pattern to go with it

Clips from Life cycle 6

Clips from last years ride

Every bike you see with an Orange flag is a biker that has HIV, I'm proud to say that I ride with a flag every year...

Thank you for all our help guys

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