Monday, December 28, 2009

Kumo Stole

Happy Holidays...

As a gift to you I wanted to post a new pattern. It's names Kumo Stole. Kumo is the Japanese word for cloud and spider, I figured that was very fitting.

wI hope you have fun making this and if you are scared of cables then this is for you since thats the majority of the make up of this project. And once I get a new digi I'll take a few better photo's

Kumo Stole

Needle size: 6

Gauge: 44 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches

Yarn: 3 Balls of Alpaca Sox, 1350 yds (but use what ever your favorite sock yarn is)

Finished size after blocking: 18" x 8'

Cast on: 100 stitches

(Note: If you want to make yours wider or narrower, add or subtract stitches in groups of 10)

Row one: knit 10, *Yo, K 10*, repeat across (109 total)
Row 2 and all even rows: purl back but knit the yarn over
Row 3 Knit as the stitches fall (knit 10 purl 1)
Row 4-8: repeat rows 2 and 3
Row 9: Cable 5 front (slip the first 5 stitches onto a cable needle,
knit the next five, knit the five off the cable needle), purl 1,
*repeat across row ending with cable 5 front

repeat rows 2-9 until desired length (I'm making mine 8 feet long but
to each there own ;-) )

After you get to the desired length, on the even side start to bind
off. when you get to the knit stitch drop it off your needle. M1 by
picking up the top bar and continue with the bind off.

unravel the stitches all the way down..

Block and let dry and your finished :-)

Cant wait to see how yours turns out! Feel free to ask questions... And thank you SnookiesOz for that great chart!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pattern. I think I will cast on today since I have lots of sock yarn and love knitting cables.

K2tog,yo said...

I love that shawl.