Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Angel in the Block of Marble

So I'm sitting here looking at a ball of fingering weight yarn and trying to see what it wants to become. I'm really getting into the whole designing for myself thing and people are really liking what I'm coming up with. I want to put more of these things up on ETSY, I want to go on a vacation so this is my goal. To have my knitting provide me with play money.

So I have a been sending out patterns to have them test knitted. And so far I have been getting allot of positive feed back. My one problem is that I suck at writing it all out. *insert sad face* but its slowly coming along.

I'm working on cleaning up my Posh Knits pattern so I can get that out there. I think that it might be my first pattern up for sale. But we shall see about that.

Okay back to my knitting...

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