Monday, February 23, 2009

Story of a Murder

So I'm currently reading Perfume and I'm LOVING IT! GO ON AMAZON AND BUY IT. You might remember me talking about this a few months ago but its REALLY good. A nice reader sent it to me after she found it in her attic. now if any of you kind peop have the movie hangin around your house not in use ;-)

But on the knitting front my Wing O the MOTH is looking FEIRCE! And I'm loving it...I'm sad that I'm going to be givin it away :-( and if you want a chance to win go drop 10 bucks at

And this is total randomness but my Novice Sister Shelby Reedemed is having a Fat Tuesday fling at the Lookout so all you San Frans go and support her lovely-ness.

Hold Up out of coffee....*runs and gets a refill*


And even more fun news you have to watch this...

Why yes that is me and YES this is a real video for Amazing Race...I think I'm a shoe in for reality T.V ESP when there is a MILLION at stake LoL

And I'm sure I have all you people rooting for me right ;-)


Marissa said...

I love the look on your face with the leather (pleather?) pants!

I will vote for you if you get there!

Anonymous said...

Good luck you have my vote!!
Visit my blog hun I nominated you for a Kreativ Award