Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rainy Sunday In The City

I just got off a 9 hour shift but I can't complain at least I have a job right....Works been starting to feel the Big R but its not TOO bad. I'm full time so they have to ask me before they cut my shift, so that's always a plus.

Someone asked me how my Asperincy is coming and so far its going pretty good. Next month marks my 2nd month and I have to pick two Big Sisters... I have a few ideas who I want so I'm going to see is any of them are going to be at Novice Sister Shelby Redeemed Fat Tuesday celebration.

AND if any of you are in the San Fran area this Easter marks the 30th anneversary of The Sisters so PLEASE come out and see up in Dolorus Park ;-)

My nocie Project is comig out GREAt I have a few shawls done and working on another Wing O' the Moth Shawl from Knitspot I love this patterns, I'm doing it in Noro Sock this time in a great green color way...I wanted somthing earthy and its JUST perfect! I cant wait to get photo's up.

And For of those that didn't know my Bday was Wednesday...thats right I'm 25...*gasp*

A quarter of a century old...

So far so good, cant wait to see what is in store for my next 25 years....

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Larjmarj said...

OMG!!25!! day you'll catch up to me ;-)