Wednesday, June 11, 2008


• I have risen before dawn in this fight against AIDS• I’ve rallied family, friends and strangers to support me in this fight• I’ve spent mornings, afternoons and weekends training for those who can’t• I have spent hundreds of dollars on equipment, clothing and energy bars• I have learned hand signals, how to clip in, and the importance of stopping at every stop sign• I have yelled “Car Up!,” “Car Back!,” and “On Your Left!” approximately one million times• I have raised thousands of dollars to support the well being of someone else’s life• I have learned that if I don’t talk about HIV, to prevent it from spreading, who will?• I will stand in line with my closest friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and to use the bathroom• I will ride side by side with them for the same cause• I will spend a week sleeping in a tent, eating in a tent, and showering in a truck• I will make over two thousand new and interesting friends while raising public awareness of HIV/AIDS• I will laugh out loud and cry with them• I will dedicate a week of my life to improve someone else’s• I will do things with my body I did not think I could do• I will boldly show the world how strongly I believe in this cause• I will ride my bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness and money in the fight against HIV/AIDS• I am a California AIDS/LifeCyclist• I am a HEROHeroes Talk about HIV/AIDS

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