Friday, June 13, 2008

Haroo Haroo

Where are your arms that held me tight? Harooo, Harooo
When first you wne to join the tight? Harooo, Harooo
Where are your arms that held me tight when first went to join the fight
and we will never more share the night

Johny I hardly I hardly knew ya...

They're rolling out the drums again, Harooo Harooo
They're rolling out the drums again, Harooo Harooo
They're rolling out the drums again,
They are stirrin gup the boys and men,
And I feel we wil never see the end...

Johny I hardly knew ya...



Anonymous said...

CALL ME! signed your MOTHER

betsy said...

Just came by to see if there were any ride photos posted. Your video clip is gone, but I assume it's anti-war.

Look very carefully at what you are asking for. Nature abhors a vacuum-if we leave, what rushes in to fill our spot? People that love us???? No! People that want good things for us? NO!

People that will probably bomb us again, just like they did on 9/11, just like they bombed the USS Cole, just like they bombed the African Embassies, just like they bombed the WTC in the early 90s. Those people.


Junior Goddess

Larjmarj said...

I'm with you...bring them home.

As for the vacuum issue. The hole is only going to get bigger the longer that we stay there.

Yes, our government dropped the ball by going in to Iraq in the first place. (which BTW had nothing to do with 9/11). Now it's a quagmire that's sucking our economy and infrastructure dry. Which incidentally is exactly what Bin Laden (a Saudi) wanted to do. Way to go Bush, support the terrorists.

There are no good options at this point but, we sure as hell don't need to be there making things worse and sinking endless money in to another country instead of at home where it's needed for education and health care.

Oh yeah that's right...educated people don't make good cannon fodder, what was I thinking

Steps off of soap box.........