Monday, May 12, 2008

New Cardigan!

I am currently working on Kumo...Its not to badk just ALOT of St. stitch...I have the back done and working on the right front know...

I wanted a cute sweater to wear around camp, and I wanted it to be a cardigan and after searching thru a few sites I re-found Kumo. I broke out all that Adrienne Vittadini I got for a buck a ball down at Mass Ave, and started into it...Of course its black :-p

I'm still trying to decied if I want to keep or change out the back motif...hmmmm

I'm Dup. Stitching it on either way so I have till I finish the thing to decide what I want to do with it...

Pics as soon as I find my Digi Cord!

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if it could be done in the round... and then steek-like cut the openings... which would give extra stability to the edges.

also there is a whole dover book on japanese crests, which should have any number of stellar adaptations that would work (tho I'd make it bigger than the one they have there.)