Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just keep knitting

After working on it off and on for 3 days I have clue one down in the books!

I'm going to crack open my Harry Potter and read some of that for a bit before I start Clue 2.

Yea I know I"m still reading my HP, but I figured I wanted to enjoy the book instead of hurrying to get it done...So far its REALLY good and I'm half way thru. I should be done with it in a few days...

Between knitting and reading and not to mention my hiking trip tomorrow I think This is going to be a VERY enjoyable weekend.

Did I mention that I found and moved into a new house...

WOOHOO go me lol


The Bitch Is Back said...

Love it. That purple really is a fabulous color. I'm impressed with how fast you're whipping through it!

Byde said...

Looks terrific! Are you using beads?

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Congrats on the new house!!! Your stole is looking awesome. I finished the HP book last week but now I'm reading it again but slower. I lost count how many times I cried. It is such a wonderful book and great ending.

CynCyn said...

you moved? you didn't tell me that! MS3 looks fab!

KnitXcorE said...

Dayum betch! you're the queen of lace!

i'm really taking my time with Harry, too. I've allowed myself 2 chapters a day. It's getting rough to avoid all the spoilers.

Sandra said...

The purple is GORGEOUS! Mine is lavendar, but I think I'll have to do a dark vibrant colour like yours later as well. Your cream bridesmaid shawl is so pretty too - is the stitch pattern anywhere on the net or did you get it from a book?

monkey said...

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